Beware of Fake 7 for all mankind at TJMaxx

  1. I was in TJ maxx in San Antonio over the holidays. I always check the jean section b/c I've caught some good deals before. This time I came upon the worst fake pair of 7's I've ever seen. The 7 for all mankind on the inside was done in this puffy paint and was smearing. Also, the wash and style were definitely not anything I've seen before. They were also significantly shorter than 7's. The pocket was A style but ugly. I don't know how they got these. Has anyone else encountered counterfeit merchandise?
  2. all the time. even at macy's. you need to be careful!
  3. yup you definately need to be careful out there.:yes:
  4. I know the fakes at Macy's are from fraudulent returns. The buyers from corporate purchase the real things but we get customers who buy the real ones and some sales associates can't differentiate and accept the returns of the fake pair with our real tags.
  5. this is so scary. I've never come across this before. The Public expects authentic merchandise from reputable stores.
  6. yes it probably from returns. Its sad but true.
  7. Yup- saw fake SFAM at Marshalls too.
  8. OMG that is frightening that in a way department stores can't even be trusted. Then again I sceave Macy's so maybe SAs in higher stores can detect the ill-made goods.
  9. There are fakes EVERYWHERE.. TJMax, Filenes, eBay, and even high end department stores like Bloomingdales. The SA's who work there cant tell from fakes, so they take returns on fakes and stuff.. So gotta be careful.
  10. I haven't seen fakes at Marshall's but I have seen this weird brand that starts with a "Z" and tries to look a lot like 7s. Same color tags in the same location and very similar pocket designes except on the tags where there should be a yellow "7" there is a yellow "Z" and where there should be a "for all mankind" there is just blurry yellow threading. It always makes me look twice.
  11. There are als fakes at Nordies Rack. I've even seen a pair of fake pink A pockets at planet funk (they have a 14 day exchange policy only).
  12. Yeah you really have to check I got a pair of authentic SFAMs at TJMAXX but I guess I got lucky!
  13. Thanks for the warning, ladies!
  14. wow i would of never knew this
    thanks for the info:smile:
  15. Thanks for the warning! I've never really worried before about getting fake jeans from a store like macy's or bloomingdales, but now I know to look out!!