Beware of eBay ID bakeyca

  1. Looks like another hacked account. Im sure the user has no idea. This is becomming a trend on eBay. Hacking of accounts and ruining a person's reputation on eBay.
  2. I've just been a victim. I'm sat here in tears because this is the 4th time I've listed my Chloe handbag and every single listing has been ended early - twice because the item wasn't showing up in ebay listings and search properly and now this. I'm really upset, I'm done with ebay. Fortunately I will get my fees back, but I'm a postgrad student - ebay was paying my way through college.

  3. :yes: Yeah it definetly looks like it, they have been a member since 1999, so i dont think they would. Ebay has became a total minefield what with all the fakes, and now this.