Beverly Hills 90210 LV sighting!

  1. So, okay, I bought the DVD set of BH90210 and I am loving it all over again! LOL I noticed that Kelly was carrying a Louis Vuitton purse in a couple of eppy's (and a Chanel also), but does anyone know which purse she is carrying? Just curious as to which one it is and I would love to know how much it cost back in 1990! :nuts:
  2. hehe who would have thought to watch for these bags way back in the day
  3. I had noticed them in the past and always wondered if they were real or "props"/FAKE as we all know happens in TV and Movies......anyway, I can tell you that my mono canvas pochette in like 1996 was $120 and my mini HL mono canvas was $180, mono canvas cles $ 2000 my medium looping was $520, a speedy 25 $350, papillon 26 $350, papillon 30 $500....oh I think my PTI wallet was like $250.....musette salsa in 1999 was $365....that's all I can think of off the top of my head.....

  4. You torture us with blast from the past prices..:crybaby: :crybaby:
  5. Please no more. It's killing me seeing those old prices! No more. No more. My eyes! Oh my poor eyes!
  6. Sorry.....well it's not like we could no anything about it.....
  7. I saw Kelly carrying that bag too, but then I read in another post that her's was fake...
    I Netflix'd season one, and I already watched the first three discs! It's like a blast from the past...and I forgot how hot Jason Priestley was! :graucho:

  8. OMG, those prices!! :wtf:
  9. Isn't that the truth? LOL
  10. Wow! Thank you for sharing that info with us! I'm also just astounded at how low the prices look now! LOL You have a good memory! :yes:

  11. I was wondering if the bag was'd think they would have gone for authenticity...after all it IS Beverly Hills! LOL

    Oh, girl!!! I am with you 100% on Jason Priestly! Hubba hubba!:graucho:
  12. lol I love that show! but I would have never noticed since I wasn't into bags back then.
  13. Haha in 1990 I was 6 years old. The LAST thing on my mind was Louis Vuitton purses.