Betty style's not for me but I love the little zip purse that hangs off of it..??

  1. Where can I get something similar that I can clip onto my other bags?
  2. nap do sell a slightly larger version of the purse on its own

    which is super cute, but I have not seen another purse that you can attach to the outside of your bag - even with my betty, I must confess to tucking it into my bag for safety !!!
  3. The petrol wallet is beautiful! I wonder if it will match my royal blue edith bag?
  4. Its defo paler than the royal blue, but I adore that petrol colour too. I am sure it would suit the Royal beautifully :smile:
  5. I just ordered it! Thanks for the link and info! It didn't come up when I originally searched for sale Chloes.