Betsey Johnson Bags- Made in China?

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  1. Hey everyone. With all your help I've decided on the Good Girl Medium size. I'm all set to bid on one on eBay and have a question. It all seems legit (seller with really good feedback and there are lots of pictures, etc.), but quick question- are the Betsey bags made in China? That's what the tag inside says. Just wanted to make sure I'm not getting a fake (though I would think that there probably aren't fake Betsey's as they wouldn't be worth enough). Thanks all you Betsey experts!!!
  2. I saw Betsey Johnson bags that were made in India.
  3. I'm pretty sure that Betsey Johnson bags are made in china... as well as other places.
  4. I have a Betsey Johnson that I purchased at Nordstrom. It has a "Made in China" tag inside. Good luck!:yes:
  5. Thanks so much for your responses. Glad I can feel confident that I'm getting a good deal on a real Betsey rather than a good (bad?) deal on a fake.:yes: As always, I can count on you guys to know what's what!
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