Betrayal in the Winfrey Empire!

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  1. Oprah 'Stunned' By Dad's Plan for Book
    May 22, 6:29 PM EST

    The Associated Press
    CHICAGO -- Oprah Winfrey says she was "stunned" to learn her father plans to write a book about her.
    Winfrey told New York Daily News that she laughed when one of her assistants told her the newspaper was calling to ask about a book Vernon Winfrey was writing. She says she called him and it turned out the report was true.
    Winfrey says the worst part of his writing plans was him saying he meant to tell her he'd been working on it.
    Winfrey was living with her mother in Milwaukee when she was sent as a young teen to live with her father in Nashville. She has credited him for imposing discipline on her and stressing the importance of an education.
    The Daily News says Vernon Winfrey plans to call his book "Things Unspoken."

    thats gotta hurt I would imagine! :wtf:Wonder what kind of things will come out in this book??:graucho:
  2. That's so wrong.
  3. maybe it won't be as bad/revealing as people are automatically assuming.
    I used to live 3 doors down from him a couple of years agoe, where he currently lives, in a beautiful Franklin, TN neighborhood.
    I've seen her on his front porch in a robe and rollers.
    They are pretty close, I can't assume this will be bad until I see or hear more.
  4. I hope this won't be a book letting out things about her that she'd rather the public not know. I mean that would be pretty sad if it is.
  5. Well the article reads she is "stunned". Plus the title doesn't imply a feel good book. I hope it turns out to be complimentary instead of defamatory.
  6. Well I would have liked to know my dad was going to write a book about me, but it may be just fine
  7. She wants to protect her dad nand herself. It will probably be writen with a ghost writer so I'm sure she wants to make sure what he wants to write is actually written. I don't think that the title "Things Unspoken" implies something bad. Maybe there were things her dad did not have to say to enforce discipline and the importance of education. Maybe his love and support were enough. We have to wait and see.
  8. that's so sad. i love her!
  9. Gosh, that's surprising. Though they didn't seem to be that close when he was on one episode I saw.
  10. was it the one when she was at his house and they knocked on his neighbor's doors to see what was for dinner?
  11. Yes! Didn't it seem like they weren't that close or something. Or maybe he was camera shy. I know that was the only episode or one of the few episode he's done cause he doesn't like to be on TV.
  12. I don't know. . . I screwed that one up ROYALLY!
    When they filmed it, I lived 4 houses down.
    My in laws came for a visit and DH and I went on 'date night' the night they knocked on our door :cry:
    I MISSED OPRAH by about 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What's worse is I missed all my friends/neighbors because I didn't know when it would air.

    Anyhow, I met Vernon a couple of times and he's a doll.
    He mowed his own lawn and waved and chatted everyone in the nieghborhood up.
    I have to be optimistic about this until I see proof otherwise.
  13. No way, Swanky!!!!!!!!!!! That's just not fair! You'll have to order a copy of that episode! I'm sure you still can if you call the Oprah show.

    Yeah, I hope it's not true. He seems like a true and humble man...why would he do that?!
  14. I should do that! We moved about 3 yrs ago, it's be nice to see the old 'hood. . . I'm so nostalgic about where we've lived.

    I just hafta believe he isn't out to hurt her.
    She bought him that home he's in, back then it was around $2 million.