Best/Worse Ebay Purchase!

  1. Thought it would be fun to start a thread with our best/worse ebay purchases

    Here is mine to start!

    Best - Authentic Mulberry bag for about £70.00

    Worse- Fake Prada Wallet for about £90.00 (did however get my money refunded)

    Anyone else:flowers:
  2. Best: Brand new platinum and diamond ring for $150.00
    Worst: Fake Tiffany bracelet for $72.00...thankfully I got my money back.
  3. before i knew enough:
    worst:fake coach bag- $150.00.
    best: 2 coach bags $350.00
  4. My first purchase ever was a fake: orange Tods "driving loafers" (sooooo not real) for $139.00. I didn't want bad feedback, so I thanked them and left a positive feedback.

    Best was a solid 18 kt gold Baume and Mercier watch (had it checked, it's very real!) Worth $$$$ and I got it for $500:yes:
  5. Not sure which is my best... probably a brand new dvd set worth over $100, which I scored on ebay for $32.

    Worst would have to be the two times I received fakes... one was a burberry scarf, which I paid $47 for, and it's just sitting in my closet. Another one was a pair of Seven Jeans for $65, but I got my money back. This was more than 3 years ago, and I've since been more careful and thankful that there are forums like tpf that help authenticate!
  6. Best. All the cashmere sweaters I pick up at 70% off retail. A authentic little coach bag that I was going to pay 2x more at the Nordstroms sale for

    Worst: A fake fendi hotdog bag and a juicy couture hoodie with abd quality control (probably fake)
  7. Best: discontinued blue large LV noe (for $300)
    Worst: FAKE: Marc Jacobs stam and Elise, but got my money back
  8. BEST: Yellow Hogan Shopping bag (authentic!)
    WORST: Fake LV Denim Speedy (awful, awful, awful. Got my money back tho!)
  9. Best: I bought an authentic ostrich Gucci drawstring bag. It's soooo beautiful!
    Worse: I bought a fake Gucci messenger bag. I waited to long before I got it authenticated, even though I only live 8 minutes from a Gucci boutique. I hate knowing that its even in my house. I put it in the cornfield. ha ha
  10. worst: ridiculously fake Juicy sweats! and I'm sad about my Prada boots which I just found out from Jill are fake
    best: I don't even know! I feel like everything I have ever purchased from ebay could be fake but I do use ebay for new and sealed Philosophy Hope in a Jar
  11. best- balenciaga city bag for 180 before the trend occured! amazing,
    worse- fake chanel mademoiselle that's still haunting me because i'm trying to get my 625.00 back...God help me....
  12. Best - Just recently the vintage LV papillon 30 with pochette for only $250

    Worst - This counterfeit beanie baby (yes, I did collect!) for $12. I got my money back but the seller ripped me off on shipping, but whatever, it was a lesson learned, and I've become extra cautious of what I buy these days.
  13. Best: Art Deco Ladies wristwatch, circa 1925 for $175 BIN. It had nearly 2 carats of diamonds and was appraised for $2,500.

    Worst: Fake Gucci Blondie tote for $499
  14. My worst eBay purchase was that Louis Vuitton Multicolore bag that I bought from a Powerseller who sold charms. The bag turned out to be a fake and when I tried to contact the seller in an attempt to mail back the bag, she wouldn't answer her phone! I waited a few months after and contacted her again. This time she picked up the phone and agreed to refund me the money. When I did receive the refunds, I noticed that she took out PAYPAL fees (which would've been refunded to her anyway) and other miscellaneous fees from her total. That seller is still doing business on eBay, all because she was a powerseller:cursing:

    As for best purchase, I'm going to have to think on that one.
  15. best: almost new LV Cabas Piano from a seller with crappy pics and no feedback for $350

    worst: when I bought an authentic Fendi bag and the seller had no sense of measurement. The bag came half the size they stated it was. I couldn't even fit a wallet in it.