Best vacation spot in the US

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  1. What do you think is the best place in the continetal US to vacation and why? (Excluding Oklahoma and New York) Where have you gone on vacation in the US, please share!
  2. California!'s California! Great weather all year round, beautiful sites, LA & SF, gorgeous beaches, very diverse, terrific shopping ;) , etc.
  3. I love going to VA Beach...The seafood is great (and i don't even like seafood!) plus it's far enough south that it's not TOO hot, because I hate heat, LOL, plus Williamsburg is nearby with Kings Dominion. Plus I grew up in VA, and I just miss it!
  4. 0o0o, keep them coming! I need to know where to stop etc.... when i get my tickets!!!
  5. Hey, I live in Virginia Beach! Blackbutterfly is right; it's nice here, and close to Williamsburg. I personally love Key West. We went there in summer of '04 and had a great time. Lots of bars, seafood and snorkeling/diving.
  6. Hawaii!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there! The atmosphere there is so laid back and everyone is so friendly! I would also say New York City for the diversty, musicals, food, and of course shopping!
  7. The Florida panhandle! White sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico...nuff said!
  8. Bleh HI SUCKS! :lol:

    I second the CA nomination, depends on where you live to begin with though. I used to live in CA (Rancho Palos Verdes) and loved it because it was different than where I grew up :biggrin:
  9. Noriko...I grew up in RPV! What a SMALL world!
  10. :lol: wow cool! It is a small world, and I suppose even a smaller forum :biggrin:
  11. Great suggestions, please keep them coming. I know someone here has had to have had a vacation or two in the US!!!
  12. Beaver Creek, Colorado. At least for the skiing. The snow is fabulous (dry and light) and if you're a foodie, there's an incredible variety of excellent places to go for dinner after a day on the slopes.

    Also San Francisco, the city dearest to my heart. Plenty of great shopping, plus wine country an hour to the north, as well as Muir Woods, Half Moon Bay, Sausalito/Tiburon, and lots of other beautiful places to visit that are within an hour or two's drive. Just be sure to bring a jacket, even in the middle of summer. As Mark Twain is credited with saying, "The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Franciscso."
  13. For skiing I love Lake Tahoe.
    For everything else, Las Vegas!!! I've been going there every year for the last 14 years!
  14. The Floriday keys or Southern California for beaches. The Pacific Northwest (Washington state and Oregon) for amazing hiking and outdoor activities. Oregon has some beautiful beaches too.

    If you include the ENTIRE (and not just continental) U.S., then Hawaii hands down if you like tropical places and warm climates. I also love Vermont (in summer) for kayaking, hiking and swimming in the lakes. I cannot vouch for any winter-y skiiing vacations because I HATE the cold weather (suffering currently in the NYC winter).

    And New York of course for everything fashionable and exciting!
  15. Yes it's a nice area! I grew up going to VaBeach and I went to law school in Va