Best tanning lotion and how to keep the tan??

  1. Hello gals :smile: my fellow tanners i was wondering if you guys knew of any really good tanning lotions. I don't have much time to always go to the tanning salon, so I wanted to get as dark as possible in that one session and keep it for atleast a few weeks. Any suggestions/advice?? TIA! :yes:
  2. I tried the St. Tropez tan from Sephora in a dark and i found it was the most natural looking deep tan from a bottle...but gloves are a definate MUSt so that your hands don't stain...
  3. I love that Jergan's stuff!!!! It is super cheap, very easy to apply, and it doesn't make me look orange.
  4. Clarins products are fantastic. Really. The liquid bronze for face made me glowing and golden last summer, and I use it occasionally during winter to add some colour. I love how natural it looks, and friends even commented on how natural it looked.
  5. Gloves! A very must! Light application, acouple of 'passes' for now missed spots...blend, blend, blend...l'oreal works good for me :smile:
  6. oops sorry gals! i meant tanning lotion for hte tanning booth at a tanning salon. heehee :p silly me i guess i worded it completely wrong. Yeah I use a lotion before I go tanning in a booth to get an extra dark tan..

    so i was wondering which tanning lotion was the best for that. thanks !

  7. perhaps it isn't my place to be saying anything but i can't help but ask you to reconsider the tanning beds...from everything i've read, it's worse than baking in the sun. :sad:

  8. What lotion are you using? I used to work at a tanning salon so I'll see if I can help!