best red bag?

  1. I'm looking for the best all around red bag...good for day or night...what do you guys think????
  2. I love the LV red Epi leather speedy...

    And this Miu Miu Coffer comes in RED patent...absolutely tdf!
    not sure if either of these are good for evening, but good luck with your search!!
  3. There are a few posts already on this topic if you want to get more results, you might want to run a search. ;)

    I love the Jeannine bag by Onna Ehrlich.

  4. I adore my red Dior Cannage drawstring bag. It's not a vibrant red. It is sort of muted and understated. In fact, someone just complimented me on it yesterday.

    The other red bag that I love, but don't yet own is the LV Epi Seguer.
  5. Hey, that's MY bag!
  6. I like the looks of the epi speedy, too, but I haven't really seen one in real life and had read a couple posts where people have said that it really doesn't look like leather...I know most people wouldn't recognize it as an LV bag, but if it looks plasticy too thats not cool...what do you guys think that have it. Is it an expensive looking bag or not really...
  7. I just did an online search for this: where is it available in red patent?
  8. I would say go for balenciaga or chloe'
  9. Balenciaga makes great reds. If you are looking for something a bit more funky - the Miu miu patent red coffer would be cool.
  10. Where online can the red patent MiuMiu Coffer be found?

  11. Wow that python silverado is :drool::drool::drool:
  12. LOVE this bag!!!:heart: I just order the clutch in red!!!!

  13. I love the Epi Speedy too but as I have a black one I bought the Passy in Red. Check it out on Eluxury. Its a great bag.