best price on jillian?

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  1. I dropped the ball and didn't get to one fast enough when NM had the last call, anyone know where I can get the best price on this, looking for the bourban especially.........
  2. You can try Saks. Their final sale is over, but I think their sale bags are still on sale, but at a slightly higher price than the final sale price.
  3. I couldn't seem to find it on the website, should I call Saks?
  4. Hey there caseyrae2, there is a bourbon Jillian at Active Endeavors. It is $412 on sale, however, there are 20-25% coupons for that site floating around I believe. I'm not sure if any are good at the moment but that could help bring the price down to a more reasonable $320ish.
  5. You could try the Code Grechen for 20% off.