Best Powder to go on top of Liquid Foundation

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  1. So I use Armani liquid foundation and then I use some MAC powder on top to kind of "seal it together" if that makes sense..the powder I was using was the studio fix and I would just use a powder brush and *lightly* dust a little bit on top...however, recently my powder (which was pressed powder) cracked into all these little chunks and I can barely open the little container without pieces of powder going everywhere.

    So, I need a reccomendation of what the best powder is to go on top of my liquid foundation to just finish it off...I'm open to any brands/types (loose, pressed, whatever)

    My skin type is acne prone and quite oily but can often be really dry due to a medicine im using. Thanks!
  2. The best I've used is Almay's pressed powder for oily skin.

    If you don't mind, you could always crush up your studiofix and then put it in a small container and use the actual studio for back to mac.
  3. I use a tinted moisturizer (not liquid foundation), but I absolutely love Chanel's Purete Mat. I dust it on top exactly like you said, and it's great for shine control! Oh, and no break outs!
  4. I also have oily/ sometimes dry skin, and I find that my favorite powder is Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Pressed Powder. It is good if you don't want to appear chalky, but also want to cut the shine. I don't think , however, that it would work on a really dark skin tone. I have olive skin, and it looks nice, but I try not to get too tan :smile: has really good product reviews, too!
  5. Hi ahs483. May I know what's ure budget? Might I reccomend Chanel's Teint Controlle Extreme powder foundation (SPF25). It's great for combi/oily skin and so far no breakouts for me. Use it dry for light application (brush or sponge) or wet for full coverage. The refillable and compact case costs me ard SGD82 (pricey I noe...but everything's rather ex in SG!)
    Hope this helps.
  6. I used to use the same powder as you but Mac started making a mineral powder (it's baked) and now I use that. Love the coverage that I get.
  7. My favorite powder brands are Becca, Chanel, Laura Mercier & Bobbi Brown.
  8. I have very fair, porcelain skin with ruddy cheeks. I use L'Oreal's Translucide loose powder but only on my eyelids and just under my eyes after a light layer of foundation. I'm over 40, so while my skin is not as oily as it used to be (no more need for allover powder dusting), it does need a little help around the eyes to keep foundation from creasing. I like the L'Oreal powder b/c it's colorless and unscented!
  9. I REALLY love Bobbi Brown Loose powder for setting

    My face has a ruddy undertone, so I use their color called 'yellow'

    Makes my skin look porcelain!!
  10. Chanel's universal compact powder. Been using it for years over any brand liquid foundation, always gave me a natural finish.
  11. I love Lancome's Dual Finish Powder compact which I use with a brush. I've tried every brand under the sun and for 20 years I keep coming back to Lancome.
  12. I'm using MAC's pressed blot powder. I also use it 'very lightly' with a brush to set my foundation and it's been working well for me. I don't like using too much because I have dry skin and sometimes powder tends to accentuate the dry areas.

    Although I haven't used this loose powder myself, I have heard great things about it...

    From the Sephora website...

    Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder $24
    "provides a light, silky veil that is the perfect matte finish for your foundation. The texture is so smooth you can also apply it directly onto the skin. Perfect for all skin types, even very dry skin."
  13. wow, thanks for all the feedback ladies! ill have to check these out!
  14. I'll have to try this! I have ruddy cheeks and so I'm always looking for that perfect setting powder. I love the La Mer loose powder but I'm always up for adding to my collection! :P
  15. Definitely Chanel Poudre Universelle. Love it!