Best place to buy Coach sunnies?

  1. I may not be buying for a while because I simply can't afford full retail at the moment but I'm DYYIINNNNGGGG for a pair of Mimis :crybaby:

    Anyway, thought I'd ask the experts where the best place to buy is. I've heard Nordstrom Rack is good but I don't have one nearby and I'm sure it's hit or miss. Do they carry these at the outlets ever? Anywhere else or should I just suck it up and wait for PCE/til I have more $$?

  2. You will occasionally see sunnies at the outlets, I've gotten them there for $69-79. I've also had luck with eBay (just make sure you check out their feedback & use the authentication thread).
  3. I would keep an eye on the outlets. I purchased my Allies there a few months ago for $63.
  4. I've purchased most of my Coach Sunnies either at the Coach outlets ($63 - $80 range) or off eBay for under $90. The ones I've purchased off eBay had an "R" engraved/marked on the inner arms...noting that they came from Nordstrom Rack. I don't have a NR near me, but I know this is how they mark their items.

    I don't pay retail for sunglasses either...heck, I think I've only paid retail for three of my Coach bags.

    good luck
  5. saks outlets have them in from time to time for $60ish.
  6. i agree - check the outlets.

    I also found a pair for about 90ish at the Nordstrom Anniv sale. Check sale racks at larger dept stores.
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice! Sadly, I have nothing really nearby (no Nordstrom Rack, no Saks outlet, no Coach outlet)-everything requires at least an hour and half of driving but hopefully I will get lucky and stumble upon some somewhere. I've been trying ebay but they are all over $100 there that I've seen.

    Ideally, I'd like Mimi's but there are a couple others I'd settle for in the interim. Cross your fingers for me girls! :p