Best Northern VA location for LV?

  1. For those who live in the Northern VA area: what store has the best service and best selection of LV? Thanks!
  2. I live in N.Virginia.I recommend LV store at Fairfax square--you know---the one near Hermes ,Gucci,near Tysons corner.The SAs are sooo nice,much much nicer and helpful and not pushy!! then LV at Neiman Marcus at Tysons 2,and they have greater selection i think---yesterday i saw a lot of azur items,including both speedies 25 and 30.And LV at Tysons 2 doesnot accept visa---only NM card and discover card i beleive,so from now on i am shopping only at Fairfax Square LV!!!!!:yes:
  3. Thank you; I know exactly where that is!
  4. I second the Fairfax Square location - if you can, ask for Ann and tell her Lori White recommended her - she's fabulous and the sweetest ever!
  5. Oh, excellent, Lori! Thank you!
    And your fleur de porcelaine bandeau is gorgeous. I need one of those! :drool:
  6. Fairfax Square is nice, but I always feel cramped in there! I like the Neiman's location better -- brighter and better lit -- easier to view all the LV eye candy on display! Parking is easier at the Galleria too -- especially during lunch hours (when FFX Square is always swamped!).
  7. If you go to Neiman Marcus in Tysons Galleria, ask for Alicia or Holly (Manager). They are extremely helpful and strive to get anything you ask for. In addition, NM only accepts the NM Card and American Express.
  8. Thank you all for the tips! It's nice that these two locations are so close - easy to visit both!