Best new show this Fall season?? Need recommendations!

  1. I searched and didn't find a thread like this, soooo....

    What are the best new shows this season???

    I live in a box (that's shaped like a Balenciaga! LOL) so I don't get much input on these things and would love some suggestions :yes:
  2. Hoo boy..I'm finding this year to be fantastic for fresh new shows. So far, I'm really loving:
    Bionic Woman
    Pushing Daisies
    and of course my returning favourites are all back in rotation. I'm not sure when we're ever going to see our friends again even with our Tivo:p!
  3. I haven't watched any of the new shows. But I'm waiting for Cashmere Mafia and Samantha Who.
  4. I liked Dirty Sexy Money and Big Shots. Those went in my TiVo season pass.
  5. Cavemen! I loved the insurance commercials, and was surprised and delighted when I heard they had actually decided to make it a sitcom, since so many people had loved the commercials right along with me.

    And it is about as classic a sitcom as one could hope for, true enough to the genre to literally become a textbook example of one.

    It would be unrealistic to expect it to be as good as the commercials, though, and it is not.

    Still, Mr Puff and I laughed at it. But then we are just a couple of sapes.
  6. Stylefly: we must have the exact same taste :yes: All those shows on are my Tivo list!! :yes:

    Lady: never heard of those shows :shrugs:

    Crred: I tried Dirty Sexy Money, not sure how long I can watch that one though, seems a lot like Desperate Housewives gone corporate ;)

    Shimma: I totally have to see Cavemen!! DH was less than thrilled at the prospect :rolleyes:
  7. I really liked Big Shots, but I'm going to give a couple more changes. I don't have Tivo and since I've been working out after work, I haven't been watching much TV.
  8. pushing daisies and gossip girl are my favorites this season!
  9. I watched 'Life' the other night and it was pretty good.

    Does anyone know when Lost is going to start again?
  10. gossip girlllllll! lost is gonna start feb 2008 i think
  11. how bout Journeyman & Bionic Woman..?
  12. i am totally suffering from major withdrawals right now - i need a new gossip girl episode PRONTO!!
  13. I heard Life was excellent: I'll add this to the Tivo! :tup:

    Also Bionic Woman was a blast!!! Loved it :yes:

    Saw Journeyman and couldn't get into it at all :push:
  14. are you looking for new shows only?

    I'd suggest How I Met Your Mother. it's Season 3 already though, super funny sitcom. Reminds me of Friends....

    hmwe46, what kinda of show do you prefer? Drama, actions, comedy?
  15. New show: Gossip Girl, I'm addicted!!!

    Returning show: Friday Night Lights, and no, it's not just about football... I really recommend watchin Season 1, you WILL get hooked, it's really clever and the visual effects are just great! Many of my friends (who hate football!) started watching and they ALL finished season 1 in less than week... and are now just as addicted as I am :woohoo::lol: Season 2 just started and apparently there will be less fotball and more focus on characters... which I am really looking forward to! I think it's a brilliant, underestimated show that you all need to give a chance to :girlsigh: