Best New Navy Blue Bag for Spring

  1. Hey ladies - I'm craving a navy blue bag for spring, what are your thoughts on the hottest navy (or blue) bags you've seen around?
  2. Just saw this at NM, cute, very lady-like, and cheap enough that I might be able to pick up that LV pomme d'amour wallet I'm dying for.

  3. I would definitely go for this gorgeous new Alexander McQueen Floral Novak bag, available on
    Floral Novak.jpg
  4. I love Chanel's Baby Cabas bag in navy.
  5. I agree about the baby Cabas--also some interesting blue Pradas coming out
  6. I can't find that McQueen on the site, could you send me the link? Thanks, that bag is beautiful (and very "springy") just what I'm looking for!
  7. Here are a couple of bags I've been looking at .............
    Bottega Veneta



    Jimmy Choo
  8. ooh I love that floral Novak - so pretty! :heart:
  9. You can buy it at
    It's really gorgeous.
  10. Navy is really a nice color for spring. I've been keeping my eyes open for one also.
  11. Gryson did a phenomenal blue color, it will be in a few shapes, here is a sample.
    sophie blue.JPG
  12. How about a Navy Rebecca Minkoff morning after mini - mine is due to be delivered any minute!![​IMG]
  13. Oh my! I love that blue!

    BTW - thank you for your help with the Skye/Olivia question I had. I actually ordered the Skye in Grey and got it last week! I love it! Can't wait to get a "navy" Gryson this Spring!
  14. i actually have this bag. i love it. i get a lot of compliments. leather is great. but if you're a stuffer, this bag is not that roomy.

  15. I'm a MAJOR stuffer, so this definitely won't cut it! Oh well, I've gotten some great ideas from here!