Best Mono handheld bag???

  1. Looking for a Mono handheld bag for my sis...
    Other than the Speedy and Alma, what handheld or "arm held" bag do you like????
    She really likes the Excentri (it's starting to grow on me too) ! I love the Manhattans, but out of price range!!!
    Any suggestions???:confused1:
  2. Popincourt or the smaller Batignolles are both very cute! :cutesy:
  3. the regular Lockit! so cute!
  4. How about the Ellipse?
  5. What about the Trouville?
  6. I second the lockit
  7. i suggest the lockit or ellipse. or poppincourt:tup::tup:

    happy shopping!!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  8. hmm... my vote still goes to the speedy!
  9. Poppincourt,Vavin, Papillon(handheld or shoulder). These are my 3 favs. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  10. I like the trouville
  11. Popincourt or Trouville.
  12. popincourt or lockit
  13. BH


  14. popincourt is really cute.
  15. Popincourt- cute and unusual shape
    Trouville- has great inside pockets