Best Leather Cleaner for Coach?

  1. I have a light tan wallet and I wanted to clean/preserve the leather.

    Any recs on a good cleaner?
  2. Coach leather cleaner depending on what wallet it is.
  3. ^Exactly -- depending on what kind of leather the wallet is made out of, you should use the Coach cleaner and moisturizer. What kind of wallet do you have and what kind of leather is it?
  4. I only use the Coach stuff....I dont' want to risk it
  5. ^Yes, but you can't use Coach cleaner and moisturizer on some leathers (vintage, pebbled and some others). 2kids, make sure that you can use them on your wallet first.
  6. if it is recomended, i would definately use the coach leather cleaner and moisturizer. but if it is something like vachetta leather, do not use it!
  7. I bought that fabulous turquoise Soho small flap last weekend, is that vachetta? I seem to remember the care card saying something about oils from hands etc...but I'd really like to protect it if at all possible.