Best Kept Beauty Secrets

  1. I couldn't find a thread on this, but I thought we needed one. A thread to post your favorite beauty secrets. A favorite product or a home made concoction what ever it is post it here please.
  2. I'll start I love to use tea tree oil to zap zits. its one of my favorite tricks.
  3. Good one!! I'll follow with grandma's advice of rubbing a clove of garlic on your nails for them to grow quick and strong. It sure stinks, but it really makes nails tough to break!
  4. I'm going to have to try that great idea.
  5. Vaseline! I use it for everything :lol:

    I put oil on my nail polish to protect it while it dries.. Any oil works, but I use either cuticle oil or olive oil. It prevents nicks, scratches and smudges while the polish dries underneath. It almost seems to make it dry faster too.

    I make the BEST bath soak with dry milk powder (the kind you use for baking) and a few drops of lavender essential oil. It's sooooo soothing before bed :tender:
  6. dehydrated milk or condensed? it sounds lovely.
  7. ^ It's the dry powder that comes in a box. I originally bought it for making bread in the bread machine, but it's sooooo great in the bath. It makes my skin super soft!!!
  8. Aspirin dissolved in honey as a mask. My skin is dry and this makes it look beautiful.

    Going to try the oil/manicure tip. Always get smudges.
  9. I'm so trying out the aspirin mask and the garlic nails! Sounds great.

    Whenever I went out for a night and have dark circles beneath my eyes, I put two cotton pads in a cup of milk and some ice. Then I lay them on my eyes for about 10 minutes - it really helps!
  10. I think the best beauty secret is to drink a lot of water, exercise, and not wear makeup if possible. These are the things my mum lives by and she looks so young that even though she is 55, she still gets carded at a restaurant or people think she's my sister thinking shes's 30 y.o. (I'm already 26). She isnt petite or anything for them to mistake her as someone who is "young" but she still turns heads at her age (both young 20 yo men and men her age check her out ALL THE TIME). People can't even believe she's a grandmother (she has 4 grandchildren) because of the way she looks. It's hilarious!
  11. I once read in a magazine, about 25 years ago, about a model who used vaseline as a hair conditioner, I swear I'm still trying to wash it out of my hair now.
  12. I use Cetaphil cleanser instead of shaving cream. Bottle lasts longer than a can or squeeze bottle of shave cream, price much better based on how long it lasts, and my skin feels so smooth. And of course it is very gentle and non-irritating on the skin as it is being shaved.
  13. I use eyedrops to reduce red-ness on pimples.

    Use vasline as a base of lipstick.
  14. not sure if this really belongs here but... store you make up & nail polish in the fridge... It keeps longer!
  15. I buy 100% clay kitty litter, blend it up and mix it with water for the best face mask ever! Totally detoxifies! I heard pricey spas do this! Its only clay! :smile: