Best jeans for a curvy rear and tiny waist


Dec 1, 2009
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Hi Ladies,

I'm hoping to get some good suggestions for jeans that will fit a curvy backside and a really small waist. My waist is about 22inches and my hips are 36inches. It's really hard to find jeans that fit the hips/rear and properly fits my waist. I know Levi's made a curvy line but I believe they discontinued it. I typically wear Abercrombie size 0 and even those i find myself pulling back up if I don't wear a belt.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



Apr 6, 2015
So many views, so little feedback! Anyway, you sound slightly curvier than me. My waist-to-hip disparity is ~13 inches and I feel your pain. Levi's actually only revamped their curvy options so they don't have a curvy line by name but they have a pretty decent lineup. I bought some late last year at Kohl's and the back gap was as slight as I've ever gotten. Check those out if you have a store nearby. I did get some jeans from Old Navy in March, who also is putting a little more effort into making clothes for full-bottomed chicks. Give their curvy a try too. I even found some Banana Republic jeans at the thrift store that fit my wide ride perfectly.

My last bit of advice, which you might not want to hear, is that the fashion world doesn't cater to us. In general, sizing assumes your waist-to-hip disparity is no more than 10 inches. At 14 inches difference that does absolutely nothing for you! You have to buy for your hips and modify from there, since that's where you are well-endowed. If I find jeans/pants/dress that I love but the fit is off I make it work. For jeans/pants I hand sew some darts (2-3) to the back of the waist to get that waist to snap onto my body and get rid of the gap. If it's a dress I bring it in along the seam right where I'm smallest. That's my way of getting clothes I love to work for me. Thank God my chest is small for my body or else I'd really be in trouble!


Oct 9, 2014
Houston, Texas
I have a tiny waist and rear. I am happy with rag and bone. Also Paige denim-they are my go to. Hudson are soft and I love their shorts. I've had issues with joe's and jbrand. Jbrand particularly have been falling apart faster then any other designer Jean I own. Joe's bag our excessively. I only have flares by how's but would trade them in for some Paige flares. I've had one pair of ag and liked them ok. I've looked at 7fam but never purchased.


Aug 19, 2009
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My waist is also 22 and hips is 34 so a 12 inch difference. I have the best luck with 7FAM and Paige Denim. For non designer, I have two pairs from Express...their Barely Boot and their skinny jeans but their jeans do run slightly on the larger side so I have to order size 00 from them. The key for me whether it's designer jeans or not is it has to be mid-rise and cut higher in the back than the front to prevent the gaping.


J. lee
Feb 27, 2010
I have the same problem -- I hate jean shopping :sad:

what's worked for me ...
Hudson (the Beth bootcut works)
J Brand
Rag & Bone
Charlotte Russe
Alloy (some of their skinny jean offerings & bootcut with stretch)

... there are also some random brands that fit occasionally too, you just have to try on *everything*


Mar 31, 2016
I have a tiny waist and rear. I am happy with rag and bone. Also Paige denim-they are my go to.
2ND you on Paige denim, but specifically the 'verdugo ankle' jeans...they don't stretch at all and leave no gaping on the lower-back part of the waistline.

I found my pair at TJ MAXX but I'm sure they are available all over!


Aug 4, 2012
I have a 26" waist and 39" butt and I am very happy with Baldwin Ten size 27. It's a low-rise skinny jean in 10oz selvedge denim with just a hint of stretch, one wash (still raw enough to fade naturally over time in the places that get the most wear and's really lovely if you wear it frequently for a long time). and I think the back pocket placement is very flattering.

I have also been very happy with Adriano Goldschmied low rise bootcut jeans and 7 For All Manking low-rise bootcut jeans although I found both used at a consignment shop so I don't know what year/model they were (tag rubbed off). Neither of those are raw or selvedge but I was very happy with them.

Everything that works for me is low-rise because I'm wide-boned in the hips... that's where my waist/hip ratio comes from ... I don't have massive bootay projecting out towards the back... I just have very wide pelvis and wide-set femurs. If low-rise jeans are usually not good on you then my recommendations probably won't work either. I fit best if the belt can sit right on that low-rise bony area right above my butt (SI joint in the back, and hip bones in the front). Then I can lock everything in tight with a belt pressing right into bone, and I don't have to worry about fitting my waist/hip ratio because they don't go near my waist.

I have not had much luck with higher-rise jeans that are designed for big hips / small waist. I tried a few so far and they looked so good on day 1 but broke in very awkwardly with a thick fold of extra fabric going horizontal across the upper butt. I do not have enough upper butt volume to fill that space. So I always come back to a low rise. I think a higher rise might work for me if I get it altered though.