Best Hair Remover (Legs)

  1. My sister and I are SICK of shaving everyday! Has anyone tried a really good hair remover? I was thinking of trying the new Carefree one..and she said she wanted to try Sally Hansen.

    Any opinions on this? TIA
  2. I recommend getting an epilator. I bought one about a month ago, it works brilliantly and does not hurt as much as people say it does. I use mine on the full size head on full speed and can't say I've ever been in pain with it. I've even used it for my armpits!! Hurt more than legs but still wasn't enough pain for me to never use again. If you don't fancy an eppilator then another thing I would recommend wuold be silky mits. They are like little sand paper mits which exfoliate the legs whilst buffing away the hair. Leave your legs vrey smooth!!! But the first time you do it, it does hurt a bit aterwards and my legs went very red the first time.
    I use my eppilator (which removes hair for four weeks) and then use my silky mit after to smooth the skin. hope this helps!!!
  3. I don't know if this available in your country. but in my country i always go to salon to remove by burning sugar it is really painful but i got used to it, by using this you will not be sick of removing the hair everyday, just once a month.