best green/emerald eyeshadow for dark skin

  1. I have tons of purples, golds and dark blues, but I haven't found a green that looks really good.....any ideas?
  2. Try Stila's Jade eyeshadow... love it wet or dry!
  3. try Too Faced's eyeshadow called "Label Whore". It looks brown but when you put it on it's blue/greenish's really pretty!
  4. MAC humid!
  5. there was a sparkly forest green shadow i saw at victoria's secret beauty and it was gorgeous!! my vote goes to that.

  6. i second that!
  7. I third that :p looks great on brown eyes and I also think on dark skin
  8. try Vert by Urban Decay.
    They also have some other green shadows that are to die for! beautiful and highly pigmented.
  9. i love the barbie loves mac green shadow (i'm at work so can't look in my makeup pile right now).
  10. chanel makes an eyeshadow duo with a green and a gold that i really like - i have green eyes, so i do love my green eyeshadow :smile:
  11. I 4th Mac Humid as well! I love it! I need to use it more often...
  12. Try 'Loreal Wear Infinite Holographic Eyeshadow' in 'Princess Jade'

    It got very pretty shimmers in it! Gorgeous!
  13. 5th for MAC Humid!!
  14. A 6th vote here...
  15. Latinrose - love love love how you did your eye makeup in your avatar! Will you be willing to post your avatar pic in this thread? It's a collection of eye makeup pictures, and it seems you could contribute! :yes: Heehee...