Best Foot Treatment for Dry Feet?

  1. What is your favorite foot treatment for dry feet?

    Thanks. :flowers:
  2. Well, I'm boring but I use good old Vaseline~ never found anything better:smile:

    I scrub my feet with a pumice stone then apply Vaseline, then put socks on for a few hours. Smooth as a baby's butt!
  3. i love Barielle's Total Foot Care Cream. it comes with gorgeous white socks to slick on at night. totally wonderful!!
  4. I believe there was a good thread on this topic awhile ago. Do a search and you may find lots of answers. I like Bliss Foot Patrol.
  5. I've been using L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream for the past 2 years.

  6. Ditto
  7. aveda foot relief is the best foot cream i've found and i've tried a lot!
  8. I searched for years for help with my dry heels. I finally found a cream that works terrific.

    It is the Nighttime heel treatment cream available at FootSmart NightTime Heel Treatment Cream, 4 oz., Each :: Foot Health :: Skincare/Nailcare :: Dry Skin Relief :: FootSmart
    Works best and doesn't cost much.

    I also found the absolute best pumice stone. It is at Caswell-Massey - Fine soaps, toiletries, men's shaving, perfumes and gifts
    It is made of volcanic ash and does a far better job than the standard gray stones.

    Vaseline does not add moisture. It just gives the illusion of smoothness.

    Some people with dry skin around the toes/balls of the their feet may have a mild case of athelete's foot. To avoid athlete's foot, I put anti-af fluid in the jar of cream and mix it in. Now that the weather is wet, af is easier to get.
  9. NEUTROGENA, this Norwegian brand knows something about cold weather and dry feet !!!
    I paid 5€ in France for a tube.
  10. I use Glysomed.
  11. I use H20+ retexurizing cream and a pair of socks over night, then I apply a foot cream.
  12. Def Vaseline!!!!!!! It works miracles, esp if you put socks after you apply, and leave it on for a few hours!
  13. I'm trying the new lamsilk products...and I do a paraffin foot bath once a week.