Tech Best External Drive for Mac Users

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  1. I want to back up my files and I wanted to know which external drive I should get. TIA
  2. bump = i'd like to know, too.

    i hate the external drive i have - it's way too fragile.
  3. Do you mean external Hard Drive?

    My top three choices would be:

    1. Seagate
    2. Western Digital
    3. LaCie

    Otherwise, any of them should do the trick, honestly. As long as they're plugin and go, you should be just fine. Make sure you get enough storage space which is ideal for photos and music.
  4. I have a passport, and it works well for my needs. Apple itself makes a wireless one called Time Capsule:
  5. I've been trying to decide on a unit to back up a Mac laptop and a PC desktop together, and I've come to find that the best bang for your buck is building your own drive from components. It takes some more research, but you get a lot more for your money. We were originally going to go with the Time Capsule, but I got 2TB of drive space for less than $200 by shopping around.
  6. Well, seeing as I am sitting at the iMac as we speak, I will read to you what our external hard drive says. SO spent at least a month researching it, and swears it is the best thing for Macs since sliced bread. And he's an IT professional. I am not, which is why I will simply tell you what it says on the side:smile:

    OWC Mercury Elite Al-Pro

    Good luck!:smile:

    P.S. and it casts a lovely blue light on the wall when the lights are off, just in case you need your own personal disco party:smile:
  7. I've been using western digital for a few years now and haven't had any problems. Best buy sometimes has sales on them.
  8. Awesome selling point! :biggrin:

    The time capsule looks good! I'm backing up my stuff in the bf's external hard drive now, but I think I might splash out for a time capsule.
  9. Apple told me that Time Capsule is best when 2 or more Macs are using it... maybe that justifies the cost?

    I just sent my Mac in for a repair and I used the Western Digital one. Simple to use and awesome portability.... comes in great colors too!
  10. I have a Western Digital external hardrive from my dad for Christmas. I love it. And it's compatible for both Macs and PCs. :yes:
  11. i have a western digital 500GB external drive. i haven't had any problems yet! :smile:
  12. I love Western Digital hard drives but I am a PC user. The WD Passport has worked well for me whenever I used a Mac. The Mac users I know have owned LaCie drives
  13. At home, I have a WD Passport and at work I have LaCies.

    Both work great!
  14. I also have a WD Passport, and it's worked flawlessly. I used to use it with my PC, and I currently use it with my Mac. No issues whatsoever.
  15. Another vote for Western Digital! My DH and I used to work for (and still own part of) a company that sold high-end consumer MP3 digital audio servers for the home. Often times clients wanted a cost effective way to store backups of their music just in case our unit was "fried"--and we recommended Western Digital hands down.

    If you have a Circuit City in your area, you may get a great deal right now as they seem to be going under...the one by me is having a store closing sale.