Best everyday bag Monty GM or Palermo PM?

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  1. I have a major birthday coming up and I have decided that one thing I would like for reaching this advanced age - 50 is a LV bag. I have never had one and will probably only have one at least for a while. I would like a bag I can wear over the shoulder or at least have the option and also a zipper closure. Which of these two bags would you choose? Other suggestions would also be welcome. Thanks so much!
  2. Palermo, I think it's gorgeous and,looks very functional.
  3. Palermo gets my vote!
  4. I vote for Palermo PM too!

    I have it and I love how you can carry it by shoulder, by hand or by the crook of your arm. And the multiple pockets inside is definitely a big plus for me!
  5. If I had to choose between monty and palermo, then I vote for palermo. Monty handle strap is sooooooo short, can't be comfortably carried at all.
  6. Both are beauties and great bags, but I love the functionality of the Palermo PM with the 2-ways to carry it. She's a hot bag! The monty is a great everyday bag as well, but the only downfall of the Monty is the one strap keeps falling off your shoulder, no matter what.
  7. For me, it would be the Monty GM ;) Just personally not a fan of bags with handles and straps and I love my Monty!
  8. I vote for the Monty for your birthday or how about the Trevi? They both make both everyday handbags. So Monty if you're looking for a purse and Palermo if you're more into bags.
  9. Besides the versatility, Palermo is more stylish!
  10. Palermo is sturdier than Monty and has a little more Pizzaz!!
  11. Palermo
  12. Every day I carry my Palermo, I am so satisfied with the choice! You will love it. THe Monty is cool, but the Palermo has that extra oomph!
  13. I agree!
  14. I voted the Palermo Pm.. i like the way it can be used in 3 ways, handheld, shoulder, and crossbody..
  15. I vote for the Palermo! Very pretty bag, more stylish than the Monty IMHO.
    Also the Trevi is a great bag to consider.