Best dog food for sensitive skin??

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Im just asking which brands or food type you choose when you want to give a special treat to your dogs skin?
    What do you know or recommend?

    Thanks! ♥ :smile:
  2. You can use salmon oil on a daily basis as a food supplement - just a few squirts on top of their food. If you just want a little more nourishment for their skin I would suggest the brand Avoderm, if your dog has sensitivities I would suggest a high quality, grain free food like Taste of the Wild or Fromms.
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    My parents dog had terrible skin issues. They eliminated all artificial colors so very few treats. She transitioned to a whole food diet after my vet recommended it for my dog. We use Standard process veterinary supplements added to the food. My dog is nearly 15 so he needs whole body support and hepatic support. Olivia gets the dermal support. It's worth the effort. My dog eats better than me. People think we are crazy that we cook for our dogs. My dog couldn't walk. Now he runs at 15!
  4. I'd think it'll depend on what they're allergic to, the most common cause that I've seen has been chicken/wheat. Maybe try getting dog food that has more limited range of ingredients and start isolating it from that.

    In terms of treatment, I usually bathe my dogs with shampoo then conditioner. Makes them sooo soft and cuddly after :biggrin:
  5. Salmon oil is fantastic, I get mine from It's very fattening though, but you don't need much. That in conjunction with gluten free foods and rinsing him after walks (grass sensitivity) works for us. I get treats from Pooch & Mutt, he loves them.
  6. Thank you so much everyone! it seems like OILS are the best solution, I've heard about coconut oil but i'll give my dog some salmon's.

  7. You can use coconut oil as well! I fed it to my dogs for awhile but they seemed to go off it after a couple weeks. I guess they prefer salmon!
  8. +2,3,4,5 on the Salmon Oil recommendation

    oh, one more thing - my dog seems to be allergic to grass or pollen, his paws get all itchy... Malaseb shampoo has really helped. Keep lather for 10-15 mins for maximum effectiveness. Keep out of eyes. I discovered this when one of my other dogs got TPLO (torn ACL) surgery, and the orthopedic vet recommended bathing him with it. Previously, my dogs were allergic to flea bites (they can still get bitten despite being on Frontline), and the general vet recommended all these crazy medicines. Malaseb probably would have done the trick, but then they would have lost out on several hundred dollars of revenue on diagnostic tests...
  9. We feed our cockapoo Call of the Wild, salmon dry food. And like others have said, add a squirt of fish oil to it. She loves it. She also gets a regular bath with special shampoo. No crusty patches like she had when we rescued her and her coat has grown in nicely (her bushy tail was almost hairless when we got her).
    Oh, and the vet prescribed a cream for the dry patches. Occasionally it might look like one is starting and we use the cream again.
  10. Avoid the possible allergen. Dog can be allergic to chicken. You should visit the vet.
  11. I have to agree with this. There can be underlying conditions such as hypothyroidism. I'm on a hypothyroidism for canine forum and that alone can be the reason for ongoing skin problems. Your vet also need to skin scrape test to see if there is an inection (yeast or bacterial, or both). We have battled skin problems with our youngest mastiff for months, and he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism with severe contact allergies. He tested allergic to human dander, cotton, grass, weeds, tree pollens, dust mites,...a list so long the dermatologist had never encountered. We are of course addressing hypothyroidism, he is fed a raw diet, and we are giving him atigen shots for immune therapy. It's been an uphill battle, but we now finally have everything under control.