best discount travel sites??

  1. jet blue doesn't fly to pasedena. :weird:

    anyone know any good discout travel sites?
  2.,, you can also try individual airlines, i.e. airtran, southwest, sometimes they have specials.
  3. i don't travel much, so i can't share any travel discount sites, but i do hope you can find a great deal amongst the sites everyone is able to suggest here.:flowers:
  4. or
  5. Hi ilzabet!

    Did you try Southwest? I've found them to be the cheapest most often (but depends where you're flying from). I think their site is Southwest Airlines or Southwest Airlines
  6. inslet: that's usually what i fly. i actually need to look into getting a miles card through them. i've just heard that if you are going to one of jet blue's very few airports, it's a nice ride. :supacool:

    i have quite a few trips i need to take in the coming months (pasedena was just a whim ;)) and wondered if you really do get better fares through discount travel places. not finding that the case though...

    thanks for all the suggestions ladies!
  7. I use all the time to book my travel packages. I have found they are always cheaper than Expedia