best darkest dark chocolate nail polish..?

  1. darkest dark chocolate nail polish (not milk chocolate:P ) !! it would be great if u reccommend more than one.. :shame:
    i soooooooooooo want one for winter season!! :drool:
    thank u in advance :love:
  2. mo7arram is soon thats why ? LOL
  3. i'm wearing chanel's madness right now and i love it! it has some red to it, but when i look at my nails i think "dark brown" not "browny red" :smile:
  4. It's sold out everywhere :crybaby:
  5. Re madness, go to You can place your order now, but it's backordered. You'll also get a free sublimage sample. Vamp is also available now and I'll think you'll like that, more wine than brown, but RICH. If you buy the two, you get to $36, over $35 so you'll also get some frangrance samples and free shipping if you use the code GIVE. I hope this is helpful to someone! I like to share!:idea:

    almost forgot - no tax!
  6. I have OPI "Espresso Your Style" and I LOVE IT!!
  7. china glaze has some very nice dark chocolate options...
  8. Lincoln Park- OPI- I think
  9. Revlon "rocker chic"
  10. Ok - went to Bellevue, Washington Nordies yesterday and they have Chanel Madness in stock! I got one and I bet if you called they'd mail it to you.
  11. I stil see a lot of Chanel Madness at Saks here in Pittsburgh and even on Saks and Nordstrom webs.
  12. Lippmann's "Brown Eyed Girl", available at Nordie's.