BEST CS ever from Alexis Hudson !!


~Happy Tot~
Oct 18, 2006
Great Lakes
I had to post about my recent experience with Alexis Hudson as I was so impressed by their CS. I bought a Cesar clutch on ebay a few months ago but it did not come w/ the dustbag. I figured I would never get one but I figured I would email the company itself and see if I could purchase one.
Not only did I receive a reply the same day but (Emily & Laura) got me one, sent it ups, included a hand written thank you, and never charged me a dime. I am beyond impressed at their service and wonderful attitude.:tup::tup::yahoo:
I have had bad experiences in the past from high-end stores / designers and I really appreciated their extra effort. I will be buying more Alexis Hudson in the future, that's for sure!!:love:


Feb 2, 2008
Sacred Fart
Thats def above and beyond!

I love when stores do that. I had a nail place mess up my nails on the day of my friends wedding reception (on a busy Saturday) and another place fixed them for free. Needless to say thats where I go now for all my services. A company that makes these hot water pots with a pump top sent me a free power cord after mine got lost in an office move - they dont even sell the pot anymore! Sometimes you do get lucky with CS.

Congrats on the bag - I LOVE AH.


Nov 3, 2007
That was really nice of them. I noticed more sites are carrying Alexis Hudson right now. They are really pretty bags.