Best country for food

  1. Was just wondering which country offers the most awesome food! Experiences and suggestions welcome

    Well my top three would be
    - because i'm from there. hahaha. ok no seriously, we have the most awesome seafood, the country has many different ethnic backgrounds so u get the best from everywhere. and it is cheap! come come to malaysia

    -c'mon, who doesnt love them curries.

    - THey can serve u ur food in less than 5 minutes and they are awesome,
    street vendors to exclusive restaurants, you'll never be dissapointed. and its so awesome to see the variation of food once u move around thailand, each place has something dfferent to offer.
    (pad thai.. lush.. tom yum goong.. lalala!)

    ok im cheating, im adding another country.
    Spain... awesome tapas, u eat all day anywhere, everywhere. and the people are great. get ur paella by the beach and dont forget to try the hot chocolate at the museu de xocolat!
  2. :yes:My country, Italy... you can heat wonderful pasta dishes, also ravioli or risotto, but also wonderful meats and cheeses.:drool:
    not to forget fishes (also raw, sushi-like), a lot of vegets, breads and... wine!

    Then i LVOE Mexican & Japan.

  3. Dont think I could ever choose one country for food or stick to one area.

    If I had to choose I'd say Iraq. Foods from the mesopotamain region are great, have a lot of culture and history that goes back thousands of years.

    If I could choose a region it would be the middle east, with all the foods from different regions I would be satisfied and live a happy life: )

    I hear malaysian food is good, my dad raves about how healthy and yummy it is everytime he's there (and he's there quite often on business) so yes, once I try it perhaps it will be another menu I can live on for life (dad and I have similar tastes)
  4. Italy and France..My fave dinners were there
  5. I could never choose. I can't live without Middle Eastern food, Italian food, French food, Thai food, Chinese food, Japanese food (and sushi), good old American comfort food, etc. Every cuisine has such amazing tastes and qualities...I could never pick just one.
  6. Italy for sure!
  7. I like something from everywhere! My favourite dishes are Thai, but my favourite comfort food is good ol pizza. So its a huge mix. I really want to try Japanese food, but I never have.
  8. Italien and French food! Yum!
  9. I would say Italy... I have to admit I was getting slightly frisky after eating that incredible food, and the wine.. omg
  10. OMG you are missing have to try Japanese food! Donburi (sp) is incredible...soba noodles, toro sashimi, uni, miso soup...come up to DC and I'll take you out for Japanese food!!! :yahoo:
  11. Italy and Korea
  12. I would say Japan!! i love japanese food, and the sushi and sashimi in japan are soo authentic and fresh.. yummy!! and japanese cheesecake are TDF!! (also hv other cuisines in japan, which are very nice!!) i love Korean food too.. gosh.. this thread is making me hungry!! hee hee..
  13. I would pick Indian - Middle Eastern - Mexican :biggrin:
    You guys are makin me hungry here! :p
  14. haha! If I'm ever in the area, I'll take you up on that! Alright, I really want to try it now...maybe i can convince DH to go for valentines day.
  15. ^^If you're ever in the area, make sure you PM me or email me so we can do sushi!!!