best contouring(angled)brush?

  1. any suggestions?i need to replace my old brush. I love this lkind of brush because i can use it for contouring, highlighting and for blush.
    i don't know which to get..My choices are from BECCA#42,scott barnes, Makeup forever and shu uemura 20H. MAC is ok but i don't like anything with white hair it looks dirty after every use.hope you guys can help me.TIA!:heart:
  2. i use Trish McEvoy brushes and think they're great!
  3. It's not one of the brands you mentioned but I like Bobbi Brown brushes. I used to use MAC and other brands but had a lot of issues with bristles falling out and the brushes falling apart. I haven't had a problem with the Bobbi Brown brushes and use the blush/powder brush. My only issue with them is that the sizes/types of the brushes, particularly for eye makeup, aren't what I like.

    Sally Beauty Supply sells a brand (can't remember the name but it's the only brand) with wooden handles and black brush. I actually prefer this line to most of the high end brushes on the market. I have had them for 5 years and the bristles are still soft and have not fallen out. They distribute powdered makeup really well. I think all the brushes are under $10 (the blush might be slightly more). I keep trying to replace these from time to time to get something "better" but keep going back to them.