Best brand of leggings?

  1. I'm trying to find a pair that will really last and I wanted to know who makes the "best" leggings out there? Any ideas?
  2. I really like Wolford
  3. I don't know if they are the "best", but I have always liked the ones made by DKNY. And I can often them find them at Nordstrom Rack marked down to $5.97 a pair so they are pretty cheap to replace.
  4. i am looking forward to getting a pair by michael stars. don't know anything about them but hoping are as comfy as his shirts.
  5. Believe it or not, Newport News has really super thick and durable leggings. No more seams ripping !! The come in different lenghts, so I can actually get long ones!
  6. I got a pair from Nordstrom BP... those are the softest leggings I own. But I got those a few years ago so maybe they arn't the same anymore
  7. alice + olivia, hands down, they're expensive, but so worth it imo
  8. Wolford all the way!!
  9. I have 2 pairs Banana Republic leggings and they fit well...very comfortable and they're priced reasonably, too, in my opinion...
  10. Urbanoutfitters has some really cute and long lasting leggings. I've had mine for almost 2 years and they still wear very well and hold their shape.

    BUT, I'm in LOVE with Norma Kamali leggings at the moment. I purchased the really shiny pair, they look like latex and they are really cute!

    I also have her regular cotton leggings and they are well made.
  11. A few gals have mentioned Wolford leggings.... Where do I find these?
  12. I guess I'm not really a legging aficionado because I'm very happy with a pair of leggings I bought from Target. I don't see any significant difference between the pair I bought and the ones you could get from Juicy Couture, or other like brands.
  13. Yeah I think target ones are nice too! If you want capri length ones, express has pretty THICK cotton ones for only 10 bucks. I actually wish I bought more express ones when I saw them.

    Although I admit I do want to buy wolford one day to see what they hype is about, but my cheap ones have been wearing well for me.
  14. I'm so glad to see this thread! I've been looking for leggings recently and want to buy a pair that's really comfortable. I'm thinking of a thick cotton/jersey that I can wear with this's the exact same sweater that Jessica Alba has on this link below....

    I have Spanx and I'm completly over them, plus they're not that comfortable... Any recommendations on a good pair of cotton/jersey leggings? I saw a pair of cropped juicy couture leggings, but can't find it anywhere.....
  15. I just ordered the Wolford velvet leggings from Neimans, I hope they have a nice texture.