Best Blush for Asian Skintone?

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  1. Hi all,

    I have typical a typical, fair Asian skintone. Any of you have suggestions on what brands/colors look good on you? I'm currently using a couple of shades by Bobbi Brown but am looking to branch out. Suggestions? :cutesy: TIA!
  2. I like Nars Orgasm (peachy), MAC Tenderling (tawny), Benefit Dandelion (natural flush), and Bobbi Brown Nectar and Pink Peony (bright).

  3. "typical a typical"?!??? i must be losing it. don't mind my poor grammar- it was not intentional!

    Raspberry- thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to check those colors out.
  4. You can try Nars Orgasm and Mac Pinch O' Peach.
  5. I vote for Nars! I use Orgasm for daytime and Sin for nighttime. I have sensitive skin and this brand works best for me.
  6. I use Chanel's Irreelle Blush in Glamour or Tea Rose. Glamour is more reddish, Tea Rose is more peachy.
  7. Bobbi Brown's blush line has worked best with me...and my facial complexion is fair to medium as a korean.
  8. Yes, the NARS blush in orgasm in very good and natural. My sis swears by this!!
  9. if youre going for a drugstore brand, I like Cover Girl's peach perfection.

  10. My thoughts exactly.................. I use Sin for the daytime and I'm half Asian with really super sensitive skin.
  11. I agree! In my experience, Orgasm seems to work well on both light to medium skinned Asian skintones.
  12. NARS "torrid" -TRUST ME
  13. I love Nars orgasm as well as Angelika...i'll have to try sin next!
  14. Thanks everyone! I'm def. going to try Orgasm.

    beauxgoris- what kind of color/tone is torrid?
  15. I recommend Nars Orgasm too! Been using it for years with no complaints!
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