Best Bag for a 13" Macbook?

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  1. I need a bag for my 13" Macbook and of course want stylish and COACH! I was wondering if my laptop would fit in either the older or new factory Gigi, or the new 08 Legacy Tote 12705? I was thinking of the Hamptons Business Tote with the legacy lining but I'm unsure about the open top....

    Any other ideas for a great Coach laptop bag? It doesn't have to scream LAPTOP :smile:

    OH... and IF my MacBook will fit in the Legacy Tote, what colors did that come in please? All I seem to be able to find is grey or brown...
  2. 12705 came in gray, brown, black, white and there was a pilot amethyst version I think.
  3. I like to use my Bleecker Elisa as a laptop bag. :yes:
  4. My 13" macbook fits in my julianne!
  5. If you get a sleeve for your MacBook, you can get a bag with an open top and feel secure. that's what I do with my MacBook and it works well. Plus, for a complete klutz like me, extra padding around the computer is helpful.
  6. I don't think it would fit easily in the 12705 tote, plus IMHO the leather is not really substantial enough to carry a laptop.
  7. What about the new Gigi-lookalike? Is she smaller than original Gigi? I know she WEIGHS less... but size-wise, would my MacBook fit in there?
  8. I have an 05 Canvas Soho Tote that I keep my laptop in. It's light, has a nice wide bottom so the bag stands by itself and I get enough things in the bag on each side of the laptop sleeve to keep it well protected. I found it on ebay for a steal.
  9. is there a new gigi look-alike? i'm curious!
  10. It's the new Legacy Tote 12888, picture borrowed from the bay:


  11. oh! hehe!
  12. I've seen these in person at the outlets, and I don't think a 13" laptop would fit comfortably in it.
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    What about the Transatlantic Leather Draft Tote or a Heritage Stripe Tote? The Transatlantic is really nice looking:$maintest$

    I also like the two Harrison bags, and they look big enough for a laptop and other stuff:$maintest$$maintest$

    EDIT: Grrr, I can't get the Coach images to link. Sorry.
  14. The first Harrison bag is really nice too :smile:

    I'm also looking at some vintage briefcases and messenger bags....
  15. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a Coach briefcase. :smile:

    I carry my laptop everywhere I go during the week, so I understand the quest for the perfect bag for it!

    I tried out the Hamptons Laptop Tote last week (12979) and was disappointed -- even on its shortest strap lenth, it was way too long for me as a laptop bag. It would have hit mid-thigh and bounced my laptop around. I'm 5'5", so I was surprised it hit so low.