Tech Best antivirus antimalware suite for desktop?

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  1. I have Panda Security and it works expires soon and I was wondering if there is anything better out there. I was considering Norton and Trend Micro.

    TIA~~~ :biggrin:
  2. I have paid for anti virus software for many years. I do NOT pay any more.

    I was using Norton for years and my web guy said to get rid of it. When I did the new free program at the time found like 3-4 virus's. And recently my sister used McAfee cause she liked it and I just pulled 80 no lie 80 virus's off her computer. She is a bit of a ditz, it would take her a half an hour to open her computer.

    I used to use PC Tools Spy Dr w/Antivirus but my computer guy said to use the free stuff its just as good. So now I use AVG and he also said the new free Microsoft one is good.

    I find that no one program gets rid of everything. I use AVG currently and run scans with the free program Malwarebytes to look for malware.

    Dont pay for it, you dont have to.

    Just google AVG and Malwarebytes to download them for free. Good Luck.
  3. Luv2BuyBags: Thanks for the info! I downloaded AVG and Malwarebytes, I'll run scans and see what I can find.....:biggrin:
  4. I would run AVG and Avast. Although, honestly, it would never catch any viruses. I'm not sure what I'm doing right or what other people might be doing wrong, but I think if you're aware of where you're going on the net and what people are emailing you, you'll be fine.

    For piece of mind, just set up AVG and Avast and have them auto scan. I think you can do that with one or the other. Also make sure you update your virus definitions at least weekly...daily preferably
  5. Word has it that Microsoft Security Essentials does the job well. I have it and Malwarebytes.

    Both are FREE.