Besides yourself, who else would you buy a high end bag for?

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  1. I bought my Mother a Fendi Bagette made out of ostrich for her Birthday.
  2. My mother. Most of the handbags she has are worn out. Plus she's such a sweetheart, she def deserves one!
  3. i really want to buy a black MJ blake for my mother because she really wants one and can totally afford it but refuses to spend that much money for herself on a bag, but she'd kill me for spending that much money on her (but i will if she doesn't have one by the time i have a real job).
  4. Same here, I'd definitely buy for my mom and grandmother.
  5. My daughter...she's 2-years old.:lol: I keep having this weird feeling that I should buy as much LV as I can for her right now because by the time she gets old enough to appreciate them, the prices will be twice what they are now.
  6. You are right. You should. And you should take very good care of them for her too. And since you buy all those for her, she should take you out and buy a bag of your choice for you. See, it's so fun having daughters because you buy diamonds and you know you have someone to give them to. Same with great handbags, especially LV
  7. My mom, she's always given me everything and it's really just the tip of the iceberg of what I could and should do for her. Most of my friends wouldn't really appreciate such a bag, so I'd rather get them something that they'd actually like instead of something they'd keep in their closet forever.
  8. I bought my mom a Coach bag and scarf for xmas, and before that I bought her another Coach bag, but she ended up exchanging it for a different one, which was totally fine by me. It was her very first designer bag.

    Aside from that I wish I had the money to buy a beautiful new bag for my best friend. I would get her a Damier LV or a black Gucci tote if I could. But I can't even get those for me!
  9. my mom! she's the only one in this house that really appreciates bags like i do
  10. I'm planning on buying mom a nice LV sometimes this year to replace her other LV that she got tired of. To me, mom is a definite "must" to spoil once you start making your own money because she gave birth to me and took great care of me 24/7. The next "mom" I want to spoil will be my future mom-in-law. Hopefully she'll love me too! lol And if the future sister-in-laws are nice to me then perhaps she'll get something as well. I love spoiling people!! :lol:

    I also like to give my female cousins Coach accessories like wristlets as gifts. And definitely buying something nice for my best friend too.
  11. My mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law....hrm.., my best friend and sometimes my cleaning lady of 12 years.:love:
  12. I bought Coach and less expensive LV bags for my best girlfriends. They're not quite as high-end bag-obsessed as I am, so they're really happy with a Coach or LV pouchette.
  13. My mother, grandmother, baby sister, and a CLOSE friend :biggrin:
  14. I really don't have anyone to give a high end bag mom, daughters..I have a niece, but she gets all the handbags that I get tired of (hang me downs)..I have a mother in-law who would scold me to death for buying her a bag over $100 friends are too that would leave me with one sis in-law, but she's not really a purse lover, she likes modest/practical/boring handbags.
  15. Just me! I'm the only girl! No mother, mother-in law, sisters or sister-in laws or even grandmas or daughter sooooo. Bad thing is no one to relate to about the need for more than one bag and for the cost, men just don't get it (Vlad excluded of course!)