Besides BNY - who else has a purse left?

  1. I really want a purse, but don't love the colors they have at BNY. Anyone see any anywhere?
  2. Cult Status had some. I don't know if they still do. They are very nice to work with.
  3. Yep, CS have grey and marron or truffles purse left.
  4. i believe aloha rag had a few left also, but i don't remember what colors they had.
  5. Bal paris had sapin, pale pink and a couple of browns last time I was there.
  6. Aloha Rag have them in Marron, Greige and Emeraude, as of their 1/27/07 .pdf file. Of course, there are a few on eBay right now -- Pale Pink, Origan (?), etc. Good luck with your search!
  7. aloha rag has marron ad emerald, not greige anymore.
  8. could someone please PM me about the current aloha rag pdf? thank you!
  9. Could someone please pm me the AR-pdf as well? :flowers:
  10. aloharag has a newer pdf dated february i believe...they sent it to me but i have already deleted it... try shooting them an e-mail, they are very responsive... good luck!!
  11. Neiman Marcus in sf had a sapin and either truffle or cognac purse last week...
  12. kimair, would you happen to know if NMSF had any Shopping/Shoppers left?
  13. I'm really interested in buying a shopping style too! I'm gonna ask my SA at Neimans Tysons to see if there are other stores that would have it and will let you know.
  14. Thanks, incoral! I'd be interested in what they might be able to find.

    circoit, there's a RV Purse on eBay right now. I wasn't sure what color you were looking for, but the one on eBay is TDF! :nuts: :drool: