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  1. anybody has Bergacci phone number? I don't see they post on their website anymore. Thanks.
  2. hello lisa,

    What do you need the number for? I would stay away from that company!
  3. Please do a search, this has been discussed at length several times.
  4. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! They used to have a number up, now they took it down because they've been getting complaints form customers who've received packages from Hong Kong instead of their "luxurious boutique all over Europe". They couldn't handle all the calls from unhappy customers, so they took off the number. Good luck e-mailing them, they take a week to get back to you. Why do I know this? My poor boyfriend bought me a bag from Bergacci and thought he was getting a great deal. I had him immediately send the fake thing back. They did refund his money. Please be careful!!!
  5. Closing this as you've posted it 3 times in 3 differnet Forums, we prefer no duplicates. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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