1. I don't usually post in this sub-forum but I read it often enough to know there are some people here who not only adore bags but adore all things animal too! We are about to get two Bengal kittens and, although we are very experienced cat owners, we have never before owned Bengals. Does anyone have any experiences to share with us? I would love to hear from you.
  2. Bengals are GORGEOUS cats. However, they have EXTREMELY high energy levels. I don't own any, however I know someone who does and he says that his bengal is a really awesome critter... but that he's much more like a dog than a cat... always on the run, etc! So you need to keep that in mind :yes: I think getting 2 is a great idea, because they'll keep each other company.

    Also, make sure you choose a breeder that knows their Bengals inside out. Their cats need to be registered and they also need to show them. I prefer breeders with smaller catteries because you know each cat has been given a lot of attention and TLC. Also, I'd suggest at least getting a F3 or F4 Bengal (I don't even know if it's possible to get beyond that) because they are less "savage" than F1 or F2 Bengals... You should definitely read up on that! ;)

    And... that's about it! I know it's silly, but maybe check on youtube for bengal videos? That's what I did before going to visit my Abyssinian so I knew what the cats looked like and it gave me a brief idea of their tempers :smile: Oh, and if you know Aby's, they are renowned for their playfulness and energeticness (sp?). Well, Bengals are at least 2-4 times more playful than Abys, and that's even worse when they are kittens :nuts: So make sure you are prepared for that!!! :okay:

    But most of all, be ready to enjoy this breed, they are wonderful specimens :heart:
  3. Some great tips - thank you so much and the youtube idea is a terrific one I'd never have considered, merci bien! I have committed to 'Cleo' and 'Casper' who are coming to join us at the weekend and we are all very excited. I'll let you know how they fit in . . .Meanwhile, I discovered from the breeder today that they are the only breed to like water and she advised me to ensure the lavatory seat is always down!
  4. My neighbor has two sandy, buff Bengal cats that she walks with a leash. They're extremely intelligent. What color are you getting?
  5. Yeah, I know someone with a Bengal and he is sooooo gorgeous, but also has a high energy level. He plays fetch with his owners! I know he'll occasionally wake them up in the middle of the night because he wants to play. He is very very playful. Both times I met him he was polite and laid back, but I've heard enough stories to know that he's not always like that!
  6. Well, my adorable Amy is a marbled Bengal that I adopted from the Humane Society. They are constantly seeking your attention since their activity level is very high. She is extremely vocal with many different sounds from yowls, to cries to chirps. She talks much more than I do! All day long she talks...seriously! She wants to always be on top of things which is not always good. When I take her down off of my dresser for the 110th time she runs away mad and yelling. She is smart but very hard headed and always wants to have her way. She pretends that she doesn't know the meaning of "No". My friend says that Amy is bossy. She has an unhealthy fixation on food as it cannot be left out for her to eat during the day as she will eat until she is sick. She'll try to dive into the food bag before I even open it. So, she has to be fed a certain amount twice a day. She never sleeps during the day and is easily bored. Bengals love water, love to play. My Mom says that Amy is like a wind-up toy...very animated! At night she is very soft and affectionate...but don't assume that a Bengal will be a lap cat as most are not. Amy seldom sits on my lap and then only for a minute or two.. although she is always wherever I am. She is into everything...clothes baskets, open drawers, shower stalls, closets, boxes. And jumps onto my shoulder in hopes of having her dinner sooner. If you are hoping for a laid back cat a Bengal doesn't fit the bill. If you're looking to have lots of fun and a constant companion along with a beautiful cat you couldn't make a better choice. I dearly love Amy for all of her good qualities and can't help but to laugh at the bad. Oh, she's calling me now...gotta go!
  7. Hey, you're welcome, Miss Sooky :nuts: Cleo and Casper, what adorable names :heart: I can't wait to hear more about them and to see pictures :yes:

    Oh, and about the liking water thing... I think your breeder is mistaken ;) The Turkish Van is also very well known for its love of water! I've never owned one, but I heard that very often, so I assume it is true! And there are plenty of domestics that love it too, but it doesn't count as a "breed" :p I remember the kittens I had as a child, they would jump into the bath and play with us in the water :roflmfao:
  8. I've never owned one, or even see one in person, but those are such beautiful cats! Good luck with them!
  9. Yep! I had a Bengal and a Pixie-Bob and when I moved in with my now-hubby into a condo, I left the Bengal at my parents' house and brought the Pixie-Bob.
    The Bengal is an amazing cat. Intelligent, playful, loving, VERY sweet.
    My parents walk her on a leash too and tie her up with a harness on a clothesline in the backyard. Dogs are terrified of her but she's very benevolent.
    She is not dectructive unless she's bored, which happens rather frequently. She doesn't have the food issues as the above cat but she does have a compulsive licking thing hwere she licks furniture.
    They are extremely sweet and healthy animals but yes- very energetic! They sleep as hard as they play, though ;). They get along well with other cats and people.
    I think even further down the line like F5 to F7 is a great way to go!
  10. Thank you all so much for the great feedback. Tomorrow is Bengal-day! The kids have made a sign welcoming them with photos the breeder supplied, the equipment is all standing by in the newly created 'kitten corner' and I am more excited than my children! I'll post some photos when the newcomers arrive . . .and report on their energy levels . . .!
  11. Yayyy!! Congrats :yahoo: I hope all goes well and cannot wait to see pictures :nuts:
  12. I have 3 bengal cats: 1 male marble (7 yrs old), 1 female spotted (8 yrs old), and 1 male spotted (8 yrs old).

    They're extremely intelligent, playful, loving, passionate, curious, and also super stubborn. They're all super active and like to play with water.

    I also attached the pictures of them as well. Hope you guys enjoy. :yes: Here they are: (the first two are my marble male, the second one is my female spotted and the last two are my male spotted)
    done5.jpg Picture 054.jpg Picture 1 007.jpg Picture 067.jpg Picture 1 005.jpg
  13. ^ They are STUNNING :love: Gah, why is everyone around me making me want a Bengal??!!! You're so lucky, those are gorgeous kitties, divingcandie!
  14. Divingcandy your bengals are gorgeous! Miss Sooky, I can't wait to see pictures of your new babies!