benefits of TPF

  1. what have you learned since joining :woohoo:The Great, the wonderful, Purse Forum?

    -- i never knew about PCE
    --or that Coach had sooo many different styles & came out with new ones every 4-6 weeks...
    -- that so many other people loved them & had great collections
    -- that COACH makes limited edition pieces

    WHAT ABOUT YOU??:flowers:
  2. ^^ You should probably edit it to ask what we've learned since posting on the Coach forum or a mod could move it to General Discussion (which would also be the best place to post this for a wide range of answers!!!)

    Hmm...I've learned that it's a good place for me to post on because there are tons of people with all sorts of interests and loves of handbags, makeup, clothes and etc and there isn't a lot of people where I live that I can talk about these things with unashamedly. I also think that I've met some incredibly good hearted people on tpf who are some of the most generous, selfless, and lovely human beings on Earth.

    I guess I haven't learned much about Coach in particular that I wasn't already familiar with, but I feel that it is a great resource to learn more about other brands as well, and to help others by sharing knowledge with them if they need help.
  3. The most valuable thing I've learned about Coach is when certain items have hit outlet! Otherwise, tPF as a general rule is much more diverse than I would have guessed. There is much more going on here than handbag discussions.
  4. Oh Lord, I've learned SO much!! I had no idea what went into making fakes, for one thing. I didn't know about Coach PCE (and my wallet is much lighter now, thanks to buying enough at the boutique to get the last couple PCE's!). I didn't know about the Coach drilldown, which has been unbelievably helpful in building my collection.

    Like Candace, I found a whole community of people I'm happy to call "friend" even though we may never meet in person! LOL! It's so nice to have people that understand (and support!) the addiction :heart:
  5. I have learned some valuable tips on authenticity of a couple of brands. And it's so nice to "meet" so many people all over the world, any time I go online, somebody will be there!
  6. I've learned that if you share the same interest as someone you've never met before, it's really easy to hit it off. I have met so many down to earth people that truly do care for you. I've made some great friends through tPF.
  7. *I've learned about new releases light years before my store ever knew or told me about them.

    *I've "met" and actually met some wonderful people. Also, the support system is great here! I feel like I'm a member of a kind, caring family by being a member here.
  8. Oops. Too late- it's been moved. If you want to keep the discussion in the Coach forum, make sure you put more specific Coach info in it. Of course, lots of non-Coach tPF-ers will have great input on this too :yes::flowers:
  9. Great place to spot trends.
  10. I've learned a lot about less known designers such as BE and HH from the Purses forum.

    I've gotten some good tips on how to dress for my body type from the wardrobe forum.

    I've learned that I must love myself before I can love anyone else and I got a lot of general tips on dating based on VA's long thread in the relationships forum. I saw so much of myself in her that it was scary.

    I believe the people in the relationship forum give the best advice (Speedy, bagnshoofetish, etc). I don't post much in there because I'm not as experienced as some, but I read all the threads. I trying to apply some of the advice in there to my own life now.
  11. I love Speedy and Bagnshoo too!!! And countless others!!! I could spend all day naming all the great people on here!
  12. I've learned that I'm not alone in my bag obsession, how to spot fakes, and most importantly, that you can meet, connect with, and care for people online all without ever having met in person.
  13. Well stated! Ditto for me! It's so nice to know there are others who truly understand the hold that bags have on's also kind of nice to have such wonderful enablers here! :yes:
  14. I feel like I start speaking a language here that people understand. About bags, shoes, but even about other things as well.

    So much about new releases. I couldn't thank you more, the people who go to trunk shows, take pics, talk to SAs, get prices or share your views on the new pieces.
  15. -At the first time i've learned about balenciaga (references/colours/authenticity ecc)
    -Then i found lot of gals with my same bag obsession (it was quite hard for me to be out there all alone lol!)
    -i've found a way to do my english exercises enjoying myself (lol)
    - a place where talk about everything a share my experiences

    99% positive :tup:(1% negative--> my purse obsession has grown so much!)