1. i would LOVE to have a coach belt, but there is NO way the women's belts would fit me (since they only go up to a large). even if i lost tons of weight, i doubt it.
    so, i was looking around the site and saw the guys belts in signature.
    do you think i could pull off wearing a guys belt? are they made different from the women's ? they're definately not as nice as the girly ones (but cheaper!), but i guess i can't be picky, now can i?
  2. Really?
    You don't look bigger than a large. You should try them on.
  3. i've tried. no way it would fit (especially since most of my pants hit at my hips, therefore needing a larger belt)
  4. Have you tried the outlet store??? I've gotten a black and brown leather belt there in an XL that are perfect for me.....
  5. yeah, i've seen them at the outlets. do you think they might have siggy in guys there, too?
    so are they cut the same way, just bigger? (like, you know how guys clothes are cut differently...are belts like that? you know what i mean?). i just dont want people to be like, oh, she's totally wearing a guys belt.
  6. Soooo many girls get mens belts! I actually wear my bf's sometimes.
  7. i was at an outlet on monday and saw belts in XL. they were womens signature. hmmmmmmmmmmmm at least i think i saw that?
  8. cool.
    i think i'll be getting myself a new belt!
  9. they have XL at the stores...i have a black signature belt that my husband bought me, and we got it at the store. even if they don't, just order it and have them ship it to you for free.

    the outlet has XL, and I usually get all my leather belts from there.
  10. really? i've never even seen anything bigger than a medium at the stores...
    but i wonder if the xl would even fit?
  11. have you tried the scarves as belts?
  12. i'm looking at those oblong scarves...but i dont know if its a look i can pull off, you know?
  13. Kallison-I'm an 18 and my leather belts worn closer to my waist I actually have several more holes I could use to make it larger. When I wear them with the waist closer to my hips I'm usually on the 2nd to last or last hole.

    Hope that helps!
  14. hmm. well, right now, i'm a 20. so maybe?
    do you mind if i ask for the measurements? of the belt to, say, the first hole and the last? (you can pm me)