Belts for the Small Waist

  1. I absolutely love wearing belts around my waist, but the only problem is its almost impossible to find a belt that I don't have to pull to the last hole and then the belt is flapping as I walk. I have found a few belts that are mainly elastic and so they fit nicely, but does anyone else have this problem, or have people found belts that actually fit their small waists?
  2. I have this problem too. I only have one belt that fits me well around my waist, and same as you.. it's almost all elastic. I really want an all leather one, but no luck so far. My waist is 23.5 inches.. not that i'm complaining, haha ;)
  3. the teenybopper stores (wet seal, f21) cater to teens and therefore usually have smaller sizes when it comes to belts.

    i have the same problem you do :sad:
  4. I have the same problem!
  5. I have the same problem. I really like belts too but I came to realize that I'm not able to buy as many as I like because of the size.
  6. i have the same problem, as i have a real hourglass type figure! i usually just add another hole, or as others have suggested check out stores that are aimed at teens.
  7. Hmm, I'll have to check out wetseal. It would be so exciting to find a belt that actually fit. Otherwise what I have been doing is buying belts at target that are fairly cheap and then cutting them, but then it doesn't look quite as nice.
  8. Add another hole. That's what I do. I think the cobbler can do that for you and remove the excess leather.

    I'm kind of "thrifty" with my belts. I like being able to wear them on my waist and hips so I end up having a lot of flap when I wear them on my waist (after I punch extra holes in them).

    I agree that teen stores sell smaller belts but they aren't the best quality, so I would stay away unless you want to get something trendy and disposable.

    Italian designers will have belts 60/24 (harder to find in the US though).
  9. Hermes has fantastic belts and sometimes in very small sizes, especially the famous "H" called the constance. You could call the boutique to ask...just tell them what your waist size is. This belt has a removable buckle so you can buy different color straps for it, it's my favorite! good luck.
  10. Along with the above suggestions, I've seen some belts that tie (leather belts that tie in the front in stead of buckling, silk "obi" style belts,etc) and that might be a nice alternative.
  11. omg i have the same problem ;-;
  12. Shopbop and net-a-porter have some great sales on belts now...might want to check it out.
  13. thanks for all the suggestions ladies!!! :yes:
  14. I love woven leather belts because they don't actually have holes, you can buckle them where you want to. Fo me I can then wear the same belt at the waist or lower on the hip. This might work if you have a small waist as long as there's not too much excess belt sticking out.

    I also love the Hermes suggestion-- they come in all sizes. I had a Hermes belt and lost it:crybaby:, but it was my favorite belt. I have to replace it at some point.
  15. i'm going to attempt to bring this thread back to life. i'm hoping that 2 years later, SOMEONE must have found a brand or store that carries small belts.

    i have a 24 inch waist, but even belts that claim to fit 24 in. waists are a bit too big for me. i'd probably have to find a belt that caters to a 23 in. waist. i think most of us do NOT want a bunch of excess leather poking out or be confined to elastic belts all the time. so punching extra holes can mean too much excess material sticking out :tdown:

    so has ANYONE found a particular brand or store that carries nice, small waist belts?