Belt bag HELP - mini or micro?!


Sep 29, 2012
Hi all!

I’m in between the mini and micro belt bag in light taupe. It’s especially hard because I don’t have a boutique by me so I’m trying to just weigh the pros and cons between both. I’m 5’1 so my concern is that the mini will look too huge on me but the micro strap will be way too long me to fit properly...

i’m in school so ideally I want it to fit an iPad Air, but also be want to able to wear it casually...

Any suggestion are greatly appreciated!!
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Nov 15, 2017
I used to have a Mini and a Nano Belt bag. I bought the Nano first, went to the boutique to check out both the Nano and Micro. I decided against the Micro because I felt the size looked awkward crossbody as it‘s too big IMO for crossbody and also the non adjustable strap was a no for me (the Nano strap is adjustable).

I loved the design so much that I purchased a Mini Belt bag as well, used it once and sold it again because I hated it. It‘s way too big (I’m around 5’7 btw), it‘s extremely hard to close the bag because it doesn‘t hold it‘s shape, the front is a little saggy so it‘s almost impossible to close the flap properly. Same for the zipper closure because of the weight from your items and the saggy front part, you need both hands to zip it up which is a no for me. Wouldn‘t recommend the Mini at all.

The Nano probably wouldn‘t fit your iPad and things like that so the Micro would be a good size for your needs but the strap would probably be a little too long.. if you don‘t mind you could let the strap get altered and shortened at a leather store