bellevue pm in amarante!?

  1. does anyone know if this style will ever come in amarante?? i think it looks the best in amarante, but from what i've seen/heard the pm doesn't come in amarante.
  2. i actually asked my SA this question before. unfortunately, as usual he wasnt very helpful though. he did say he would give me a call if he ever hears about it. Seems France gets to decide what bags will become available and the SA's dont find out until almost the last min.
  3. hello, at the moment it's violette and pom d' amour in PM size
    amarante and violette in GM...
    it's a strange choice, PM in amarante would have been awesome
  4. The pomme looks great in the PM.
  5. bellevue amarante pm would have been perfect! but i was also told that the pm size only comes in violette and pomme...too bad!
  6. I was hoping the bellevue would comes in perle...I am so getting ready for a spring/ summer bag with some class & style, and I think a perle bellevue would be great!!!!!!!!

  7. oh yes ITA!!! the perle bellevue will be such a great bag for spring/summer!
  8. ladies I just got the bellevue pm in violette...i absolutely adore it and have gotten many compliments on it already - the pomme is nice but the violette is the new colour so I just couldn't resist!
  9. I heard it was recently released. I saw one on eBay for 1400. I also saw it on the vuitton website.
  10. ^^ It has been released here.. it is very cute:heart:
  11. You can get an amarante bellevue PM now! Yeah!