Belk's Card & Hamilton Question....


Jul 3, 2010
North Carolina
So this might be an off the wall kinda question but I've been eyeing the large Hamilton NS in Dark Dune. One of the sales ladies at Belk told me if I opened a Belk card I would get a 15% off coupon with my temporary card but I'd also receive a 15% off coupon when my card came. She told me to hold on to both of those because it would be the only time I was allowed to use the double discount & that I would be allowed to use it on basically everything that's normally excluded from other coupons.

Has anyone done this before? It would be great to get 30% off the bag & then turn around & pay the card off. I'm hoping when my card arrives that they don't say "you can only use one of the coupons" but she made sure to tell me the double discount would be good on the bag so I'm just curious has anyone used the Belk card to get the double discounts?
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Feb 8, 2009
What the Sales Assoc I think is true with regards to when you open a card. BUT it is not the only time this occurs. Twice per year Belk has a charity sale usually May and November. I want to say this is 25% off. Coincidentally, for me anyway, I will receive one of those 15% very limited exclusion coupons (that includes makeup etc). The only times of the year I receive these. CAN use these also in conjunction with the Charity Day as this is a sale and not a coupon. So you can combine the two. I got my last MK bag that way. And if the bag happens to be on sale, you get triple discounts (the sale price - charity day discount - very limited exclusion coupon)

I would ask another sales assoc about the discounts a card though to be 100% sure.
Jul 23, 2006
As of yesterday, this bag was on overstock on sale for $284. There's also a 10% coupon for new customers...... &#128515;