Belen Echandias visit the book store

  1. I had the good fortune to meet lovebags2 (and some of her bags) at a Barnes & Noble when she passed through my area in her travels. It was a fun and productive visit, we gave each other feedback about colors that look good on each other and I got to try out the LMM. I thought one of the staff people was very curious about what we were doing, with bags spread all over the children's section. I took the following pics.:

    1) Lovebags wine LLM with gold with my wine LM with silver - Unfortunately it's hard to see the hardware differences to the glaring overhead light. This gives a size comparison of the mini and regular LMs but keep in mind that the LM has softened a lot so looks smaller.
    2) LLMs: Black Crash and Cream LLMs - These look bigger than in IRL, maybe because of the angle of the shot and the comparison with relatively small children's furniture.
    3) LLMS: Light Grey, Cream, and Black Crash
    4) LLMS: Light Grey and Cream in front, Wine and Black Crash in back
    1LLM&LMwine.JPG 2LLMblack&cream.JPG 3LLMgreycreamblack.JPG 4LLMall4.JPG
  2. Here are a couple more of me carrying the cream LLM by the handles and using the messenger strap (I'm 5'5"). The bag is still stuffed and is hanging at a funny angle in the second pic., but I really love the messenger strap.
    5LLMcreamcarryhandles2.JPG 6LLMcreamcarrystrap2.JPG
  3. oh man, you're killing me lol. I already loved the black crash and wine....but now I love the cream and grey too!
  4. You guys are too funny -- a whole photo library!
  5. I think you ladies are hilarious! I'm surprised a little girl didn't come by to play with you.

    Thanks for the pics, and you both have a great collection of BE bags! :drool:
  6. Thast really cute that you guys met up in a bookstore. I am suprised you didn't get some inquisitors =P Gorgeous bags btw. :smile:
  7. I love the sheen of the cream LMM :drool: Thanks for the pics!
  8. Again I'm drooling over the BE bags. Now I'm itching to get a LMM in the light grey. Gorgeous bags!! :smile:
  9. LOOOVE the pictures, thanks for posting!
  10. Ohhh you guys are too cute! I am so glad that y'all got to meet! I love seeing all the bags together and it is so nice to FINALLY get to see Lovebags bags! LOL That cream LMM is beautiful! It looks great on you Chris!
  11. Oh, I'm so bummed. I want to see all of your pics but I just get the X instead. No fair..:crybaby:
  12. wow, that LMM size is so great!
  13. Looks like you 2 had lots of fun!

    Thanks for posting the pics!! :tup:
  14. wow thanks for the great pics!

    i would kill to see a pic of the LMM in the matte black...i'm not crazy about the glazed leather/patent trend
  15., fun, fun! I keep thinking how hilarious you two must have looked carrying all these bags into the bookstore LOL!

    Thanks for sharing the great pics!