Belen Echandia TAGS: Leave on or take off?

  1. Hi BE ladies! Do you take off your BE tags when you wear the purse? Or leave them on? I took mine off the Love Me, because it is a busy handbag with lots going on. But the tags look great hanging on the Stroke Me, almost as a design element, because the bag is so simple. Although, I've taken them off occasionally too. What about you?:supacool:
  2. Great question, I was actually thinking about asking it to all myself?

    Well, I've experimented it both ways. I didn't know if I'd like it on the LM because there's already enough hardware and things to admire on that bag, but, then I thought, what's one more thing? I just felt guilty putting away those pretty pink rhinestones.

    Thus, it's on my LM right now!

    Now, I have a question. I took off the third strap and those silver loops are still there. They often make noise and aren't serving a purpose since I don't wear the strap and never will. What did you do with yours? I"m thinking of maybe just having them removed. Thoughts?
  3. Those tags with rhinestones are one of the things I love about BE bags, I definitely leave them on!
  4. Same here, I love the BE tags. I will definitely leave them on my bags. It will let us "subtly" get the BE word out without "screaming" designer!
  5. I guess I am the dissenter! I take them off my Love Me. I suppose if I had a Stroke Me, or a similar bag with fewer straps, I would leave them on. I also take off anything you can clip off easily.

    But I've always been like that. I take off my Coach tags too!
  6. Yes, back in the day...when I used to wear Coach...I would always take the tags off. It seemed to be nice as a purchase moment, but then, to walk around with them seemed...tacky. (Sorry ladies, that's just me.) The BE tags are lovely. But I do take them off. I'm a minimalist and don't like something that isn't functional.
  7. I do both-variety is the spice of life!:angel:
  8. I am not into those rhinestones and have the tag off mine. I told Jackie about this and she said that is why they made it removable - its up to the individual's personal taste...
  9. I love the rhinestones so I keep mine on. I think giving the wearer the option is a clever way to keep everyone happy.
  10. i will decide when my lm arrives, it didn't come on my sample sale bag. but i do like that it is removable because if i hate i would eb really angry if it was there forever