Belen Echandia orders from last week

  1. So, has anyone received their bags yet? I can't wait to get mine. :yahoo:

    But I can't seem to figure out how to check my order status on the website, I login, but I see nothing. Has anyone managed this? :confused1:

  2. Jackie said that they wouldn't be shipped before today-she was a bit under the weather. My last one only took about 1 hang tight!:yes:
  3. I got notice that mine shipped yesterday, so I'm guessing it'll be a few days yet.
  4. Thanks guys, I got an e-mail yesterday that my "order has been packed and will be sent out today". So, I guess it's on its way. I just thought there was a way I could track it, like UPS/ Fedex.
  5. They use some overseas courier. I don't remember the name but when Jackie gave me the ETA, it was very accurate.
  6. I'll be picking up my bags (Stroke Me; Clutch Me) when I'm in London in early July. So you'll all have a headstart on me. Can't wait to read about your bags!!! Post pix and tell all!
  7. I received an email too. Can't wait!:smile:
  8. My package ARRIVED - like 5 minutes ago! :yahoo:
    I am at work, but luckily, my mom is at my house and received the package from DHL. DHL will NOT leave at our doorstep. Anyway, the box went through customs, but was resealed. Mommy dearest called me at work and was wondering what on earth did I order from the UK.

    So for the people wondering if there are any duties: none whatsover.

    I'm so excited I can't even type this. Gosh, my day at work just started and now I cannot wait to get home.:p
  9. I got mine yesterday...beautiful bag but received the wrong color! I e-mailed Jackie and they're sending the correct bag to me first thing next week. I bought the Take Me Anywhere, and it's a bit bigger than I anticipated, but I'm going to keep it as it will make a wonderful travel bag.

  10. gosh, what color did they send you? I thought I remember you were getting the gray? I hope they got mine right.

    Now that you have to send this one back, hope they pay for the shipping fees...I'm sure they have good customer service, since we deal w/ Jackie directly...but it's just a hassle.
  11. Yes, I ordered the grey, but the bag they shipped was definitely the Chocolate (it's beautiful, but I just don't need another brown bag and had my heart set on the grey.)
  12. Oh dear...this color mistake is making me nervous! Ladies, please advise when you get your bags...that you got the right color! It will make me feel better.
  13. Just got back to the office and my gorgeous red TMA was waiting for me. Exactly as ordered. And no duties!!!
  14. Photos, we need photos! Alright then, to be accurate, I need photos!