Belen Echandia Jan 08 Sale: What are you buying?

  1. Hi Belen Gals! :flowers:
    What are you buying in the Jan 08 sale?
    I'm ordering my first HOLD ME! :yahoo:
    What about you? :wlae:
  2. You know...there were so many orders and custom orders and people waiting for bags they bought in Nov. and Dec., feel free to chime in with what you have already ordered and are waiting for! What fun to read about all the BE bags that are going to be flying to their destinations.
  3. Hi TropicalGal, I'm buying nothing at the sale. Absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, or fortuntately, I"ve already purchased all my BE handbags for 08. At this point, I'll wait until the fall for the wine and/or choc crash make their appearance and wait for the new TMA weekender travel bag. Now, that would look super in a crash for travel.

    Here's what I do have on "order":

    black crash mini
    choc glossy mini
    wine mini
    Petrol SM
    Wine SM
    Choc Glossy SM
    Aqua Casual (from Sample Sale)

    And I already am enjoying my light grey mini, black crash mini and choc glossy casual bag. Wow. At present, there literally isn't one more BE handbag that even tempts me with the exception of the new crash leathers. Oh yes, the dark grey sounded very pretty, I must say.
  4. I'm going for the Pewter Indulge Me. Not listed on the site, but in stock per Jackie. It just seems like the perfect combination between a simple, classic style and a wild leather!
  5. Lovebags -- you ALREADY have your black crash mini Love Me? WOW! Do tell! Do you use it every minute of every day?!

    Nice job! kcd1695. def show piccies when you get it! nice choice!
  6. Does anyone know the sale price of the "Take me anywhere"? I would like one in any color!
  7. No, it's just on order. I don't expect to receive it at least until the end of January if not next month. I"ve just been enjoying my light grey mini these days. I love it, but, it truly is a spring/summer handbag for me only because I wear a lot of brown in the winter. I can't wait to wear the grey with all my spring colors that I start in April. Perfect color. The sheen is just gorgeous.

    Here's what I think, everyone should have at least 1 crash leather, 1 glossy, 1 with sheen, and 1 matte (like dark grey). Perfect balance IMO. Jackie just has too many gorgeous different variations of leathers to ever choose! Oops, sorry for the mini ramble there, I know this is a thread for BE sale, not BE lounge chat.:smile:
  8. Lovebags2, LOL! You'll have quite the collection when you get them all - how wonderful for you! I'm jealous. And I really, really want to see your pics when you get them! Your extremely detailed descriptions are so helpful and are what sealed the deal for me as I wait for my first BE. But I am dying to see your bags when they are delivered!

    I'm not buying at the Jan'08 sale either but waiting for my LMM cream to arrive then am tempted to go on a buying spree when the spring collection debuts.
  9. I might be tempted to get a Charm Me if there's a color I like on sale.
  10. I'm so happy to hear that my review helped you. Now, I'm even more excited for you to get your LMM. I hope, my review, holds up to your expectations. I do believe it will, but, I want your confirmation on that one!:smile:

    Any chance it could arrive today? Please post details the minute it does. I'm so glad that you ordered the sheen. It's gorgeous and something you definetely won't see everywhere. Unique, very unique and just chic.
  11. Lovebags2, so, so envious! I imagine a rainbow of colors in your closet come the end of next month!

    I will look at the sale, but honestly, I think I'm sitting this one out - I just got my black crash Indulge Me and I'm so happy with my purchase...I can't think of something I "need" in any way!
  12. Lovebags,

    I can't believe all the fantastic bags you have on order! I hope you will bless us with a full photo and modeling gallery once you receive them. I'll send you a big box of brownies if you do!:p

    I'm not sure about this sale. Part of me really wants an LM Mini in either chocolate crash or dark grey but I know they won't be in the sale. I'm just in love with this dark grey and think it would go with everything, although the wine is very tempting, too!

    I might have to just wait this one out and hold my funds for an LMM if the time comes.

    I'll have to work hard to stay offline tomorrow!
  13. Thanks Ladies! Did someone mention brownies? I love brownies!!!!

    TejasMama, whenever I hear your description of the dark grey, or Contessa's or Karen's and Audball, I want that color. But, where?

    I"m totally maxed out with the sm style.

    I can't justify another LM because I don't wear it as my everyday bag and I"m going to save maybe the choc or wine crash if I did get a second one there.

    Then, I have so many mini colors. That's actually where I can see the dark gray looking gorgeous, LMM. Maybe once all my other mini's arrrive, I can prioritize and see if I decide to keep them all or not. If I part with one LMM, the dark grey is the winner.
  14. Take 35% off the regular price - that is the sale price.

    I'm hoping to snag a TMA, a Clutch Me, and either an IM or a Hold Me :smile:
    and I have a dark grey Love ME on order - can't wait for that baby!
  15. Thanks annvaldivia!!

    I've never seen them IRL but everyones photos are beautiful! Maybe I'll be joining the BE club soon!!