belem pm?

  1. what do u guys think of this for an everyday bag? should hold as much as a speedy..but don't u guys think it's a bit overpriced? thanks!
  2. i love the belem.. i think it would be a good everyday bag... it doesnt have the vachetta, has the red lining, and a zipped top... i'm thinking it would be one of my "next to buy" bag.. it is kinda overpriced though.. =(
  3. but because it's overpriced..and i love the sarria mini (though i also think it's overpriced), i dunno which one to get first....but then of course i wanna get the cheaper one first but i do know that the belem pm has its very specific style...that i love!
  4. yeah.. i've been wanting a koala wallet, (had it in my hand, brought it home, then swapped it for my papillon)... i still want the wallet, but add about $50 and i can get the salsa which i also want... so... =) sorry i cant help you! but i do love the belem =)
  5. I love the belem, I actually like the medium shoulder one the best, and YES I do think it's kinda overpriced though, I kinda understand it because it is an unusual shape and seems to have more workmanship involved, but I still can think of other bags I would rather have for the price.....
  6. I was seriously considering the belem mm for my next purchase (love its unusual shape) but decided on the duomo(very classy).:yes:
  7. the duomo is too big for friend has it and i seriously had my mouth left opened because i was amazed with the size!!

    don't u think the belem mm is too big?
  8. I LOVE the belem!!!! It is everyday use bag, but cannot hold a lot like speedy and not sag like speedy. ALso you will have 2 little unziped outside!!!
  9. MM is too big, pm is MUCH MORE BETTER!! :yes: (BTW, I'm 160 cm tall.)
  10. the PM is really cute, but yes, it's overpriced. sma11cat has one, so you can ask her about it :yes:
  11. 2 little unzipped outside? i don't quite understand..:shrugs:

  12. The Belem PM is stunning. It's on my list.

    It's got two openings on the outside, like the Pont Neuf and the Triana.
  13. sorry, i mean 2 side pockets... :wlae: that you can put little tiny things quite easily..
  14. I think for an everyday bag, the MM is better. The PM is too small. With its structured shape, I think the MM just allows you to hold enough to call it an everybag bag. (It is difficult to carry on the shoulder though, b/c of the round shape. But I love it anyway!) I think if you really love it you should consider saving up for it, even though it is more expensive than other bags. If possible, the best option is always to go to the store and try them all on, put your stuff inside them, walk around the store with them, etc. Then you'll know for sure whether the extra money is worth it to you! Good luck!
  15. I would love the MM size with the PM handles.
    I do not like it with long straps. I've seen the PM and it looks lovely. Very casual and oddly enough it reminds me of the Denim Pleaty :shrugs: